busy momThe reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Having two kids is about as much work as holding down five or six regular jobs. You are constantly moving from task to task, dealing with disgruntled coworkers and you are still expected to answer the phones. Every time you leave the house you have a full agenda. I bet your laptop gets multitasking envy. Here are some signs you might have a lot on your plate.
3 clues you're a busy mom

5 Clues You Might Be A Busy Mom:

  1. Your Kids Wake You Up: By the time they go to bed at night, it’s close to 8 o’clock. You still have a thousand things to do. When that’s all done, you collapse long past your bedtime, and get roused up by the dawn patrol bleary-eyed and groggy. You’re living proof of the negative effects of sleep deprivation. A not-so-busy mom getting to bed on time can wake up before the kids and get a head start on her day.
  2. You Have Groceries Delivered: Between work, kids, school, exercise, and sleep you have no time to go shopping. Not for clothes, not for gifts, not for food. Luckily, it’s 2015 and you could set up automatic weekly deliveries from anystore.com. If you were ordering a nice Modal Concept Tote from Best Buy designed to carry all your essentials in style, they would deliver it for free (since it’s over $35). If you were planning on driving by the store anyway, they can have it ready for in-store pickup in as little as 45 minutes.Shot from SKU: 3445047
  3. You Never Wash Gym Clothes: …because you have not had time to work out in years. That’s not to say you’re not in shape. You deadlift two kids 30 times a day and walk ten miles. You’re always doing resistance work pushing a stroller/grocery cart/child down a(n) sidewalk/aisle/hallway. Maybe you get a half hour after work to hit the gym one day. Luckily, the Modal Concept Tote has a vented pocket for sweaty clothes and external straps or a towel and yoga mat. Perfect for a Mom on the go.Shot from SKU: 3445047
  4. Your Coffee Store Reward Card Is Platinum: You consider caffeine to be a vitamin, and an essential part of any nutritious breakfast. You visit your store so often they have your order ready when you drive up. Once you’ve got your trusty thermos filled up, you’ll be happy to see that your Modal Concept Tote has a thermo pocket that keeps your hot things hot and your cool things cool.
  5. You Have Children: I have not seen the appropriate Venn diagram, but I imagine that some big thing that represents all the moms gets entirely encircled by the one that represents busy people. Everything after that is critical reasoning. All moms have children and all moms are busy, therefore children are the cause of all that which is busy. There are tales told of children who eventually grew into self-sufficient adults, but few have been sighted since 1998, and they are feared to be extinct.

The Modal Concept Tote is designed with the busy Mom in mind, with room for all the things you need each day. It is ready to help you be anything from an athlete to a zoologist, as needed, during your day. It makes a great gift for the busy mom in your life, if you are on board with the whole ‘better to give than to receive’ idea, too. Best Buy is the place to find it, quick and easy. You may always be a busy mom, but you can still make it look good.

Are you a busy mom?