Don’t Lay A Finger On My Butterfinger! Oh My! Butterfingers are my ALL-TIME Favorite candy bar. I love, love, love the crispy crunchy inside so much I wanted to create a dessert that enhanced the scrumptious feature. Of course, it involves ice cream!

Butterfinger Ice Cream Balls Recipe

Yummy delicious Butterfinger covered homemade ice cream…


Rolled into bite sized balls…

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Butterfinger Ice Cream Balls Recipe
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
crunchy on the outside, sweet on the inside. This Butterfinger Balls recipe will keep you coming back for more.
  • 4 cups milk
  • ½ can sweetened condensed milk
  • ½ Cool-Whip
  • 4 Chocolate cake muffins
  • Chocolate frosting or fudge
  • 6 Butterfinger candy bars, crushed
  1. Mix the first three ingredients and make according to the ice cream maker's directions
  2. Crumble chocolate cake muffins while waiting for ice cream to make
  3. Transfer ice cream to a freezer container
  4. Crumble cake on top
  5. Dallop frosting in a criss cross pattern on top of the cake
  6. Swirl together, not mixing completely
  7. Freeze for two hours
  8. Form Ice cream into bite sized balls and roll in crumbled Butterfinger pieces
  9. Put on a cookie sheet to reform from rolling


America’s Favorite Crispety, Crunchety Peanut Buttery Candy Bar Turns 90ish, Launches 90-Day Countdown Showcasing Candy Bar’s Irreverent History and “Best of”BUTTERFINGER® Trivia, Photos, and More

90ishAnniversary[8]It’s been 90ish years since BUTTERFINGER® first made its sweet debut, and today fans are still laying a finger on America’s favorite crispety, crunchety, peanut buttery candy bar. To celebrate the brand’s first 90ish years, Butterfinger kicked off the new year with a 90-day countdown, where fans will have a chance to share favorite Butterfinger memories and can find out more exciting details about the anniversary program at Facebook.com/Butterfinger. Throughout the 90 days,Butterfinger will showcase some of its very best moments in history including vintage bar photos, popular ad campaigns, little known trivia, spokesperson spotlights, and more.

After 90ish years, Butterfinger continues to be a fan favorite with a rich history that is a part of every generation today,” said spokesperson Tricia Bowles of Nestlé USA. “And the 90-day countdown is just the beginning of our exciting celebration throughout the year, so stay tuned for more incredible announcements from Butterfinger.

Butterfinger designated 2013 as a benchmark for its first 90ish years, as the candy bar originally invented by Chicago’s Curtiss Candy Company was believed to have been promoted as early as 1923 (before it ultimately was sold to Nestlé in 1990). However, Butterfinger parent company Nestlé holds a trademark document from 1928, thus the 90ish reference around its anniversary, keeping in line with the brand’s irreverent sense of humor.During the 90-day countdown, fans can go to Facebook.com/Butterfinger to learn more about the “best of” Butterfinger, and see the candy bar’s journey from boundary-pushing marketing stunts to the evolution of its candy wrapper designs. Like Butterfinger, the 90-ish birthday celebration will be awesome — proving that decades later, even a 90-ish year-old can push the limits of fun to new levels while remaining true to its sweet self.


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