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Buy the best hairdressing scissors

While most patrons can ignore the importance of hairdressing scissors, professional hairstylists don’t. The best hairdressing scissors are perhaps the most important tool that every hairstylist or barber should have. This is regardless of whether they are amateur or professional hairstylists. When it comes to the hair of people’s heads, there is nothing more than style and quality that defines every person’s personality. 

To have and maintain that style and quality, a hairstylist should have professional hairdressing scissors. There is no shortcut to this. Besides regular hair cutting scissors, you can find other types of hairdressing scissors. All these hair cutting tools ensure that you can use various techniques to accomplish different results. This post will explain how to use the best hairdressing scissors. 

How to choose the right type of scissors

For new hairstylists that are mastering the art of hairdressing, it can be challenging to choose the right type of scissors for hair cutting. With so many Hairdressing Scissors available on the market, you have a wide range of choices for scissors that may work for different haircuts. But there is no need to be misled by marketing jargon because below are the types of scissors you need for a variety of haircuts.

Short-bladed hair cutting scissors

When choosing the best hairdressing scissors to purchase, you should take into consideration the length of the blades. Most hairstylists who have smaller hands use short-bladed haircutting blades because they are lightweight and are easier to control. In this way, those using the scissors don’t have to suffer much fatigue. 

Most of the time, hairdressing scissors with between 4 inches and 5.5 inches blade are considered ideal for most haircutting styles. Therefore, before purchasing professional hairdressing scissors, make sure to check their sizes as this will either help you to feel comfortable using them or not.  

Long-bladed haircutting scissors

Hairstylists use various techniques like a scissor over the comb. This technique requires them to cut off a larger hair area surface with one snip. Hence, the longer the blades of the scissors, the better is the cutting line. It means the cutting will be even and not inaccurate. But to achieve this, you should look for hairdressing scissors that measure between 6 inches and 7 inches, especially for cutting styles that need straight cutting lines.   

Wide-tooth thinner haircutting scissors

These are thinner hairdressing scissors featuring small teeth. These types of scissors are what every hairstylist should look for. The scissors are intended to cut thin chunks of hair. Therefore, the small teeth incorporated on the scissors are designed to cut off huge numbers of hair with every snip. As a result, this saves you tons of time and effort while cutting off hair for people with coarse or thick hair. 

Texturizing or blending haircutting scissors

While using a regular pair of haircutting scissors, it’s normal to end up cutting more hair than you intended to. To prevent this from happening, you can use texturizing scissors which are thinner with many teeth designed to thin out the hair. Here is how these scissors work. When you’re thinning out the hair, their large number of teeth usually work slowly, preventing them from taking off too much hair. Therefore, you are bound to have better control and precision when thinning out hair.

Swivel haircutting scissors

Understandably, working in the salon for long hours can create a lot of pressure on your hands and wrists. But if you have swivel haircutting scissors, probably you can get some relief from such problems. When using regular haircutting scissors, your thumb is stationed in one position. After cutting the hair for a while, this can cause pain in your hands and wrists. 

Thanks to the swivel scissors which feature a rotating thumb ring, the scissors provide a lot of flexibility while cutting off hair. Even better, they allow natural hand movements because of this rotating thumb ring. For this reason, the risk of having a lot of pain is significantly reduced and you can have more comfort while performing the task.

Hairdressing techniques

It isn’t always simple to cut your hair. This is the reason why most people prefer going to salons where you can find hairstylists. These professionals use different types of hairdressing scissors to cut your hair. A perfect haircut is the basis of hairstyle, and it does require tactfulness.

Whether you want to visit pros or do it yourself, you should know that there are tricks to hair cutting to make sure you have a great style every time. Here are some hair cutting techniques and the tools you may need.

Basic techniques

Every hairstyle requires specific basic haircutting techniques. You can use hairdressing scissors on wet hair because it’s easier to cut. You may be wondering why you need to use the tools on wet hair. The reason being you can easily manage the fly-away strands of hair. However, if the hair is not thoroughly wet after shampooing, many hairstylists usually use spray bottle water to wet it. 

Hair should always be clean before cutting it off. In other words, the hair should not have any products, and the hair that is layered should be trimmed layer by layer to keep the style intact. 

Cutting and coloring techniques

If you desire your hair to be colored, the hairstylists may dye your hair before doing anything else. This will set up the color, and all uneven spots that are close to the ends will be cut off with scissors. This is the best option because the hair will be wet while cutting, and the dye is applied when your hair is dry. 

However, this process depends on the preference of the hairstylists. Some of them apply this color to show specific features of your hairstyle. In most cases, the stylists find it easier to use the dye after cutting the hair so that they can focus on the areas that improve your haircut.

You might even find some hairstylists who prefer to dye your hair after cutting it. It usually happens with stylists who have color service charges that depend on hair length. This may be a good thing for you, especially if a lot of hair is going to be trimmed away.

When to have a haircut 

You should regularly trim your hair to look at your best. Short styles require trimming more often because it’s easy to notice growth. This means you should trim short hairstyles every 4 to 6 weeks and you can trim longer hairstyles every 8 to 10 weeks

If you’re considering a new hairstyle, avoid doing the new style just before any event, such as a wedding and prom. This is because you might not get the hairdo you expected, leading to frustrations. It’s also highly recommended to go for a new hairdo gradually. For example, if you have very long hair, go for a medium style before changing to a very short hairstyle so that you can feel comfortable with the new look. 

Salon or home hairdressing

Most people prefer going to a beauty salon for their haircuts for a good reason. This is because such places have professional hairstylists who use professional hairdressing tools. As a result, they can easily adapt to various hairstyles regardless of hair lengths, face shapes, and individual preferences. 

On the other hand, other people decide to have their hair cut in the comfort of their homes. This is especially true for simple cuts like children’s haircuts. Unfortunately, it’s not advisable to cut your hair by yourself. You see, it’s difficult to reach strands at different angles. 

If you attempt to do this, the results can be disastrous. Instead, find someone to help you cut off the hair from your head. You can simply explain the hairdo you desire to have or even show a photograph of your desired haircut to the person who is going to assist. While cutting your hair, you should always have the necessary hairdressing scissors.

Your hair should always be cut with the right professional hairdressing scissors. This means they should be made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel. Besides, the scissors should have a sharp edge to give the hairstylist more control. The best thing for having such type of hairdressing scissors is that the hair can be cut faster and more cleanly, with less risk for damage.

Whether you want to have your haircut at the salon or home, the hairstylist usually uses hair thinning scissors. These scissors are used to thin out pretty thick hair and add texture. They also come in handy when it comes to softening and blending edges. Thankfully, such scissors have one of the blades with teeth to cut the hair with every snip.

Thinning scissors are important for every stylist when it comes to thinning hair. These scissors are safe to use, but they should usually be handled by a professional hairdresser or trained barber for better results. Incorrect use can result in overly thinned hair or very curly hair, something that should be avoided. 

The best hairdressing scissors ensure the best results. Therefore, you should choose the correct scissors for the specific task to improve performance. Customers may also be satisfied when they get the results they expected.

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