Buying Wireless Speakers

When it comes to the area of audio products, one of the fastest growing categories would have to be wireless speakers. They have come far since the days when audio speakers were those huge monstrosities you had in your living room that made your downstairs neighbor very unhappy! I remember when my mom got a pair of speakers that were about the size of an 8×10 photo and we thought they were tiny! Fast forward to today and you can find speakers to fit in the palm of your hand and they do not have any cords! Wireless speakers have changed the way we listen to music. If you are not familiar with the wireless market, here are a few tips you should know before you head out to make your purchase:

4 Tips For Buying Wireless Speakers pin

4 Tips For Buying Wireless Speakers

  1. Type: What kind of speaker do you want to buy? You can choose from Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, Airplay and DLNA. Most people are familiar with the Bluetooth which can transmit to about 33 feet and the chip can be found in almost every mobile device made. NFC, or Near Field Communication, is wireless but it has an extremely limited range for your speakers. Wi-Fi gives you better sound transmission than Bluetooth and has a stronger signal, and is more expensive. The Airplay is offered on your Apple device and the DNLA is for the Android user and is known to be a bit clunky and slow.
  2. Price: You can find wireless speakers at the local Walmart for under $10 and you can find them for more than $1,000 at your local audio retailer. The best bet is to set a budget and stick to it. You can find a decent speaker for just about any budget.
  3. Portability and Range: Where do you want to take your speaker? Some speakers are portable but are meant for household use while others are more rugged and made specifically for the outdoors. For myself, I want a wireless speaker with enough range that I do not feel tied down to a small area. You can find great options with ranges from a few feet to more than 100 feet. If you take yours camping, to the pool or listen in your home, a range of 25-50 feet.
  4. Design: I prefer a smaller speaker with a sleek modern design to match my decor in my home. Of course speakers come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so you are sure to find something for your needs.


Caitlin listens to music every day. From the moment she walks in the door from school until she goes to bed, she almost always has her music going. The issue she has had in the past is she was using the small speaker from her iPhone. Unless you are using headphones, you are not getting the quality of sound nor the volume potential this way. Caitlin is like her mother, who loves to have her music cranked up while she is working, studying, or just hanging out in the back yard. With the portable Bluetooth speaker from LuguLake, we get everything we want in a portable speaker and more.

I just love the innovative concept of this sleek and modernly designed speaker. With its clever lip design, you can set your phone on the little shelf and enjoy your music wherever you are. The LuguLake II speaker delivers crystal clear sound from two 5-watt stereo speakers. Even when I crank up the volume on this little powerhouse, I get high fidelity sound without any distortion. With its built-in 5000mAh battery, you get hours of great music with each full charge. With its USA cable, you can charge anytime, anywhere and never lose power or be stopped in mid song when the power runs out! Caitlin takes it outside while she jumps on the trampoline where she can sing and jump for hours! You can purchase the LuguLake Bluetooth speaker for just $40 on Amazon and for an additional $5, you can purchase the handy carrying case. Be sure to follow LuguLake on Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Two USA readers will win one LuguLake portable Bluetooth speaker and carrying case ARV $45.

Where is your favorite place to listen to music?


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