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Camp Jeep For Kids Of All Ages Chicago Auto Show #cas13 #smp13

I think one of my favorite aspects of the 2013 Chicago Auto Show was the lengths that Jeep went to in order to appeal to the whole family.  They aptly named the exhibit “Camp Jeep”, which is exactly what it feels like, for the younger kids as well as their young at heart chaperones.  For the older adrenaline junkies at the auto show, Jeep created an experience one is not likely to forget, at least not for a long, long time!


The zone includes a 5 minute long interactive area where professionally trained 4×4 drivers gave the rider the experience of how versatile the Jeep vehicle was while showing the rider how to drive on an off road area with safety.  Many are saying the ride-a-long test track from Jeep was one of the most exciting and unique ever seen.

The Camp Jeep Adventure Zone included several obstacles that enabled the rider to see first-hand how well the Jeep vehicles handle things like ground clearance, traction, road stability, and maneuverability.  On the test track, the rider could experience such driving impediments like a log in the road or a stump on an off-road area.  Jeep created “Jeep Mountain”, which was a specially built wall that was 18 feet high at an angle of 35 degrees.


For the very brave, Jeep was happy to show off their traction abilities by climbing up this man made incline.  For the young adventurers in the group, Jeep provided the “Jeep Kid’s Course” which was located just on the other side of “Camp Jeep”.  The kids were allowed to drive kid-sized jeeps on a small course while a live DJ offered up some beats.  For the Spiderman fans in the group, Jeep had a 25 foot high climbing wall installed that kids were encouraged to scale up.  For the parents in the crowd who may have been second guessing their bringing the kids along, were quite grateful for the fun zone created by Jeep.

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