zurkerRemember in the movie Frequency where when the son John Sullivan goes back in time over the radio and tells his childhood friend, Gordy, to invest in “Yahoo.” I know that is not the plot of the movie, but that is the part that stuck out the most to me all these years later. Could you imagine if someone would have told us to invest in Yahoo or Google or if we were involved on the ground floor of Facebook? We could …no we would be zillionaiares! Well, now we may have the chance. Insert Zurker. Zurker is a social media platformed which gives it’s shares to the owners and users…meaning you.  You can read more about the specifics here and is summed up here:

“Facebook and Google+ may have highly talented engineers, but no elite engineering team can beat the innovative power of 500,000 passionate members who each have a stake in the success of the project as a whole. Recent history has taught us one thing – democracy always triumphs.”

But basically you get to own the social network you are using to promote your blogs, pages, talk to friends groups, etc. Neat right? The first thing you will notice is only one persona is allowed, which means no spam! See..



Once you are in, you get a warm invite! See…and you have a step by step walk through on the process… then you get to invite your friends. You should try it – it is free and it will be owned by you. Just think, if it takes off like the other social platforms like Facebook & Google Plus, you could even be rich. Join me

Even if it fails in a few years, you will have lost nothing, but you have everything to gain if it succeeds. If you join, you will be promted to accept me as a friend, so join and leave me a note 🙂

Join  me at Zurker 

See you on the street! (That is what they call your wall!)

I have been playing around with the Zurker & it is fun and personal. It has a nice close-knit community of your friends touch to it. Zurker is also growing fast & has already reached their first milestone and you can see how everyone owns Zurker by searching around the site.

One of the amazing things about Zurker is that it’s owned by small investors, rather than venture capitalists. And that’s not all. Those small investors are also members here. New members can easily earn a stake of ownership in Zurker, in the form of a vShare, by inviting their friends.

This will be really fun to have on my phone as a mobile app and I am sure that it is around the corner. You have finds, entities (buildings) contacts, updates, photos, and where you live at your home & your street… Fun stuff! Come join me.

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