Yep! That is me hiding behind the Captain America sheild on the set of Captain America: THE WINTER SOLDIER. You can find more about the movie on facebook.com/captainamericamovie and at Twitter @CaptainAmerica. The movie, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER releases in theaters everywhere on April 4, 2014! As part of a blogger trip in 2013, we got to go on set and do interviews behind the scenes of the movie. Wait till you see the other picture I got to do!

Property Master Russell Bobbitt
Interview behind the scenes of Captain America The Winter Soldier with Property Master Russell Bobbitt


Above is where we learned cool facts about filming such as they change the shield around for the scene they are filming. Sometimes it is rubber and sometimes metal. It is determined by the requirements of the scene. Metal can get pretty heavy to lug around all the time you know!


Property Master, Russell Bobbitt, told us in his interview that each shield style on The Winter Soldier (there appears to be four of them) is made fifty times. Where would a person stash 400 shields? Imagine that closet! I bet you wonder why they need so many shields. So did we.

When asked, Bobbitt replied, (the reason…)”we need so many is because we do different sorts of” (stuff). He further explained, “if he’s walking around, and it’s on his back, I can put a really clean nice heavy one on him.  And when we photograph them from behind, it looks shiny and new like metal.  When he takes it off and starts fighting with it, obviously we can’t hit each other with metal shields or the boys won’t be able to play very long.”

That made me giggle, the reference to boy’s playing, because it was so on target. I cannot wait until this film is out. My family and I will be there opening day!