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Capturing Good Food With The Samsung Smart Camera #PixBundle #Cbias

Everything you need for capturing a great recipe!
Everything you need for capturing a great recipe!

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  The following post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. #pixbundle Part of this shopper insight was to purchase the Samsung Smart Camera NX1100 and Tab Bundle from Sam’s Club. How seriously cool is that? Ever since I got the Samsung Galaxy, I have been a huge fan of Samsung. I have been very impressed with their technology and was extremely pleased to be able to geek out with more Samsung gear. I am a business member of Sam’s Club because it just makes sense. I save a good portion of money on many items I use all of the time. I also love how you can buy items like cameras, books, TVs, clothes, and more as single items, but still save like you are purchasing in bulk.

Purchasing the Samsung Smart Camera Bundle allowed me to get the Galaxy Tab 2 for $50

I use a dSLR for a lot of my food photos, but it can be a huge pain to have to take out the SD card, edit the photo on my computer, send it by email to my phone to upload to Instagram. Whew, how exhausting for one little picture right? Even so, it is what I have to do because my camera on my phone just doesn’t have the megapixels that I need for the quality I want. The Samsung NX1100 has 20.3 megapixels which is even better than my clunky dSLR. I searched around Sam’s Club while I was there and found a comparable Samsung camera selling for $549 and the exact same Galaxy 2 tablet selling for $179. I paid $599 for both of them by purchasing the bundle and I got Adobe Lightroom as a bonus. You can see my full shopping experience on my Google Plus Album.

You can download the Samsung Smart Camera App on Google Play, IOS, & Samsung Apps

Once I got home and unwrapped the bundle, plugged everything in and read over (okay skimmed) the directions; I found there is an app called the Samsung Smart Camera you can download to instantly transfer your photos. You can do this either after you shoot them or while you are shooting depending on the WiFi setting you choose. I downloaded the app to my phone and the Galaxy tab 2 while everything was charging up. I had a recipe I had to make for the blog and figured this would be a perfect way to put the bundle to the test. By the way, the recipe is here: Blonde Chia Bar Recipe.

The perfect pair for research and amplification!

Often when I create a new recipe from scratch, it requires research on my part. I like to have original recipes on my blog, but I do get inspiration from other people. I figure why reinvent the wheel. I knew I was using Chia seeds, but I wanted a blonde bar. I needed to find out what others had used and what had worked for them to use as the bar base. Using the Galaxy 2 tablet, I found a lot of sites that utilized dates, but this is a rather dark fruit. Finally, in the comment section of one of the sites, I found a suggestion for figs which made me think of apricots. Sigh, don’t ask. Anyways, the base had been decided! The Galaxy 2 tablet is the perfect size for me. It doesn’t take up too much space, and it fits nicely in my hand. I am not afraid I will drop it in the kitchen due to an awkward size. (I also took it with me to the grocery store and it entertained the kids in the cart!).

After I researched, shopped and whipped up a batch, it was time to photograph. This is a photo of the Blonde Chia Bars that I made. With the 20 mp you can see all the seed details as well as the rest of the varied ingredients even though they are close in color. This photo was taken with the Samsung NX1100. The Samsung shoots well in low light and is a pretty cool Compact System Camera. This would be perfect for trips that you did not want to haul around a full size dSLR and all that it comes with. My dSLR that I normally shoot with shoots in 18 mp, and takes up 4 times the space!

I was amazed that I could take a picture with the Samsung Smart Camera NX1000 and the image would show up on my Galaxy Tab 2 right away! Talk about instant gratification!

You can also get funky with the settings and shoot in “Magic mode” This is smart filter called old film. Isn’t that cool? You can also choose your photo settings according to aperture, shutter or manual mode. I used the Smart Auto mode, and it was able to detect the focus points for me while choosing the correct lighting for the picture I was capturing.

Now all this is great for a foodie, a blog owner or someone writing a cookbook, but why would you need this? As a mom, wife, traveler and all-around human being, I took this bundle with me to Myrtle Beach. I had just had surgery and was not able to get wet. This left me on the sidelines to take pictures, babysit shoes, and play with my new Samsung tech toys. Don’t you know that I was soon the navigator (used the Galaxy 2 tablet to find the address), videographer (Jakobi wanted to have me take a picture of his awesome jump), entertainer (Mason was bored at the restaurant. Good thing I had the Galaxy tab in my purse!), and social media guru for the #MBFam trip (I had all the pictures I took instantly upload to my phone, tablet and shared on all my social media channels). I honestly did not tote around my normal photo gear and laptop cause the Samsung products were so much lighter and accomplished everything I needed to get done. Samsung has exceeded my expectations with great pictures, superb entertainment, portability and the perfect price!

Want to get more info on Samsung? Follow them on their social media accounts @samsungtweets and SamsungUSA on Facebook. Just in case you missed it above, I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. #pixbundle


  1. I get so tired of lugging my camera and lenses everywhere. My husband bought me a backpack to haul everything with me when I travel, but it is just too big! I would love this camera! I’ll be checking it out at Sam’s! Thanks!

  2. That bundle looks so practical and the camera features are amazing. I’ll be checking our local Sam’s Club to see if they have it so I can put it on my wish list. (I’m a business member at Sam’s, too, and love shopping there.)

  3. I love that the Samsung bundle connects your pictures between your tablet, phone and camera. I take a ton of pictures and find myself spending a lot of time transferring them between my camera and tablet. Thank you for sharing this bundle option.

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