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Caring For Your Pet Made Easy

I never understood those people that would tell me that their pets we just like a member of the family. I was not really a pet person in my early adult years, so that concept was over my head. When I had kids and they asked for a pet, we decided to get a dog. I quickly learned, mostly through my kids, how a pet can absolutely be a part of the family. When we lost our dear Cocoa, we were all devastated. When we were ready, we got a kitten and she quickly grabbed a hold of our hearts and she is the love of our life. When you have a pet, there is a responsibility to taking care of them as you would your own family member. When you own a pet, sometimes you do not know which products they need, when to take them to the vet and other common questions pet owners have. Thankfully, Walmart has partnered with Purina® and created the Purina® Park Pet Showcase. This all in one website has a wealth of information that can help you in keeping your pet healthy and happy including new pet games, apps and tools.

Caring For Your Pet

Just like bringing home a new baby for the first time, new pet owners do not always know the best way to take care of their new furry bundle of joy. For my family, I had not had a pet since I was a child, so I had no idea how to potty train them, what to feed them and when they needed to see a vet. You can call your vet for advice, but often times they refer you to an assistant who may not be as knowledgeable. So often times, we research, read articles and have a lot of trial and error! With the new Purina® Park Pet Showcase, you have everything you need to answer virtually every question about caring for your pet.

When you visit the website, you will immediately be impressed with how easy the site is to navigate. You will see links to the Purina® brands including food, treats and potty products. You can download helpful apps for your tablet or smartphone, watch videos on caring and training for your pet as well as fun games and tools. There are money saving coupons on the things you need for your pet including food and other products. You can find such helpful videos on topics like grooming, exercise for your pet and the best food to feed your pride and joy. There is even a fun name generator that can help you choose the perfect moniker for your pet! No matter what information you are looking for regarding your pet, this website is likely to have it!

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