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Carving Angels is a cute little short story about inspiration, love, and endless possibilities. I read this book to my son’s a chapter a night as a goodnight story to bring good dreams, and I was the one who reaped the benefit. Carving Angels is an easy read and a peaceful, fun story for all ages. It was fun to follow the path of Papa Adam as he felt useless transformed by his grand daughter to carving again. Love is a powerful force that has no limits! Carving Angels is the perfect Christmas book that just may become a Medeiros’ tradition.

“He uses life and experience to mold and refine us.  Father Creator takes each of us and hold us  to the light, trying to see what sort of good person is inside.  Then he gives us experiences that bring out that person.  Experiences that carve off the rough, unwanted edges and slowly shape and refine us until we are perfect.”

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