Going To The Vet

Cats Going To The Vet?

If you are a pet owner, you have probably dreaded going to the vet.  Most cats going to the  vet are a nightmare! I have often wondered if a trip to the vet is harder on me or the cats!  I know it is a lot like taking your kids to the doctor; you know they need to go but you feel terrible taking them!  When we first got our cats, Hazel and Meap, we had no supplies for them.  We got the sisters from a friend and we had just a few hours’ notice we were getting them, so we were unprepared.  When they were old enough to be spayed, we had nothing to transport them in, so we wrapped them in a towel.  Brilliant!  Those cats were all over the car and especially up my legs while I was driving.  It was so unsafe.  So, I am taking the cats to the vet next week and I do not want to repeat that horrible experience.  I decided to look for some helpful tips to make the trip less stressful, and here are just a few.

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  • Car Rides:  If you have a dog, it is a good idea to take them with you once in a while.  If you have a larger dog, this would not be as easy as it would be with a smaller dog, but it is doable.  If your dog knows they don’t just go to the vet in the car, they won’t be as anxious when they do.  As for cats, this probably won’t help them!
  • Heavy Petting: If your pet is not used to other people touching them, visiting the pet can be traumatic.  You don’t need to constantly touch them, but the more affectionate you are with your pet, the better they may take the vet touching them.  When visitors come, you may want to encourage them to pet your furry baby so they aren’t used to only your touch.
  • Toys:  If your pet has a favorite toy, bring that along to the vet.  It is just like letting your child take a favorite doll to the doctor.  It has a soothing effect that is much needed when taking this trip

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  • Carriers:  If your pet is small enough, a carrier works best when visiting the vet.  The type of carrier you take can make a huge difference on your pet’s demeanor on the trip.  If you have a cardboard carrier, there is always a fear of the pet breaking through it.  A hard plastic carrier can be uncomfortable, so you need to find a more comfortable carrier.  If you want a carrier that is cute and comfortable and affordable, you may want to look into The Mommy Bus.


Most Comfortable Pet Carrier

Most Comfortable Pet Carrier

When traveling with your pet, you want to find the most comfortable pet carrier you can.  The folks over at The Mommy Bus have come up with a design that is not only roomy and comfy for your pet but it is adorable as well.  How fun would it is to take your furry child on a trip in a carrier that is made in the image of a bus!  I cannot tell you how stinking cute this carrier ($99.00) is!  I was in desperate need of a carrier and this is chic but very comfortable. I left it open on the kitchen floor so the cats could get used to it and they seem to like it.  I also received a really smart looking coat ($49.00) to wear while I am out walking Ringo.  This coat is so well made and so affordable that I was taken by surprise.  I would have guessed it to be priced much higher than it was.  To round out my treat basket from The Mommy Bus are a set of the soft and comfy Tootz Socks ($14.95).  The red and green colors make them the perfect stocking stuffer for the pet lover on your gift list.

Woof Close UpOne reader will win a $100 gift certificate to be used at The Mommy Bus.

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  1. I love the Celebrity Package-Yorkie even though I have my own little special Pomeranian named Gizmo, that little guy is adorable.

  2. I definitely love the Mommy Bus! I’ve always wanted a soft carrier for my kitty babies, but have had to go with the hard ones as they are less expensive. A towel really helps for comfort in those.

  3. I like the Kitty Purse Pals Kitty Quilted Purse “hope” in black and white. My daughter would love it! good xmas thought for my list

  4. I love the bus carrier but, the clothes are adorable too! The tote would come in handy! Thanks for the chance to win one! It’s a cute company!

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