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Cave Painting An Easy Craft For Preschool Kids With WummelBox

We lined Cali’s hidey box with the cave painting so she could travel in time with us.

Cave Painting An Easy Craft For Preschool Kids

Materials Needed

  • Paint
  • Foam cutouts
  • Piece of cloth
  • pieces of wood


  • Cut out shapes on pieces of foam
  • glue the foam shapes on wood
  • cover foam with paint
  • press pain on cloth to make cave painting designs

OR Buy a all-inclusive WummelBox!

I love seeing my boys faces light up when I tell them we have a new craft to work on together. I enjoy this time together as much as they enjoy doing their crafts. As a parent, I love that my kids are excited about art and creating new things. I also love it when they can learn while they are doing their craft. The boys just like to get their hands dirty and make cool stuff, which is fine by me! Although I am happy to find cute crafts online for the boys to do, I do not always have the time to do a lot of looking. That is why I love the idea of a craft box that has all the materials we need and has easy instructions to follow. WummelBox is an all inclusive box of 3-4 themed crafts that will keep your preschooler busy both with their hands and their minds.

When you purchase a WummelBox you are getting a box full of imagination that your child will love. Everything you receive for your craft is of the finest quality eco-friendly materials like cork, sand and reforested wood. To carry out the true meaning of green, even the box is reusable for part of each craft in the kit. You will receive 3-4 projects that will have a theme like nutrition, sound, or history. Each of the crafts are easy for little ones to complete and the crafts are made to be played with or used over and over again.

We received the Time Travel WummelBox. The four crafts that came in the box, along with the booklet that gives the instructions and tells parents the area of focus the craft has for your child. The 4 crafts were: Hunter and Gatherer Game, A Stone Age Story, Time Machine and Cave Painting. We decided to do the Cave Painting which came complete with the cloth, stamps, paint and brushes, wooden wheels and velcro and adhesive dots.  We got to build a time machine and travel through time back to the days where they made cave paintings. The kids really enjoyed it and we had a fun afternoon. It was pretty easy to do and not too big of a mess to clean up. Below you can see Mason and Jakobi setting up the items they would need to make this easy preschool craft.


First we had to put the raised foam shapes on the wooden disks. Then we applied the paint to the foam shapes and pressed it against the cave cloth.

There were several games and and activities related to time travel to keep the activity going. WummelBox is perfect for ages 3-8. You can purchase the WummelBox in 3 options: Monthly for $39.95, 3 months at $24.95 per month and the best deal which is the annual for $19.95. For the number of crafts, what the kids learn and the quality of the materials, I think this is a great value and one we would be look forward to each month.

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