Organic Beauty Products

Organic Beauty Products

I am going to celebrate earth day with organic beauty products.  No one said a girl can’t look pretty while she is being environmentally responsible? For every small step we take in protecting our planet, there is a small ripple of change happening.  I recycle at home, try buying food from local farmers and am making slight adjustments in the products we use.  If you look at statistics, if everyone were to just recycle a bottle or can once a day, the combined effort is truly astonishing.   I am slowly learning which products are suitable substitutes for the synthetic products we currently use.  It seems that  companies going green are also making huge strides in reaching out to organizations who are working hard to protect our planet.

One of these companies I have recently learned about is Everyday Minerals.  This Austin based Eco-friendly company has developed a line of cosmetics that contain only pure essential ingredients.  Carina Menzies, who founded Everyday Minerals, is dedicated to making all-natural products that are accessible and affordable for women.  The ingredients used are by far the best ingredients Carina can find.  Carina walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to making a difference for our environment.  For every item purchased from Everyday Minerals, 10% of the sale goes to wilderness preservation.

Organic Make Up

Before I tried organic make up, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Just like essential oils are very concentrated, I thought the make-up may be the same.  I envisioned darkly stained skin from the natural dyes found in plants and other natural ingredients.  I was so surprised at how truly wonderful the vegan and Eco-friendly the Everyday Mineral products are.  I received the coolest bamboo tie dye brush roll, double ended eye shadow, eyeliner brush, raspberry and rose lip scrub (package retail value is $32.00).  This make-up feels so great on your skin that you will forget you have it on.  The colors are so beautiful and they stay on!  If you are thinking about switching from your current make-up brand to a more environmentally friendly brand, Everyday Minerals is a smart choice.

One lucky winner will win a make-up kit described above (retail value $32.00)

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