national coffee day

There is nothing like a good cup of joe in the morning. Even though I am pregnant, coffee is the one thing that I haven’t been fully able to give up completely. So, I’ve cut back from my usual pot a day habit to a mere 200mg of doctor approved coffee that I savor each morning. My coffee is my happy place. I get up about a half hour before Aidan each morning, so it is the 20 minutes of alone time I have each day. Not that Aidan isn’t my happy place, but if you are a coffee drinker, you know what I mean! I love all types of coffee, but recently, Eight O’Clock coffee came out with my newest fave, Central Perk Roast. Sound familiar? It should if you were a loyal Friends fan like me!

celebrate national coffee day with friends

Celebrate National Coffee Day By Celebrating Friends!

Can you believe that it’s the 20th anniversary of the Friends series premier? I remember watching this show from the very beginning, and knowing that it’s been 20 years makes me feel really old! I still get sucked in to the old re-runs that air every day. I love how the show was based on a group of friends who connected over coffee, very much like my friends and I do. My favorite episode to catch is when Phoebe sings Smelly Cat at the coffee shop. Seriously funny!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Friends premier, Eight O’Clock Coffee has partnered with Warner Brothers studio to create this extra special roast. It is a medium roast coffee, perfect for your morning blend. Friends fans can celebrate National Coffee Day and the 20th anniversary by purchasing this limited edition roast at any grocery store for $6.99. As an added bonus, you can save $3 when you purchase one bag of Eight O’Clock Coffee Central Perk Roast and one complete season of Friends on DVD together. Also, if you purchase any three bags of Eight O’Clock Coffee you will receive a free special limited edition Eight O’Clock Coffee Central Perk mug! Brew that cup of Central Perk Roast and curl up with your favorite episode and celebrate your favorite beverage and your favorite show!

What is your favorite Friends memory?