Celebrating Mothers Day

Celebrating Mothers Day

Wouldn’t the world be a happier place if were celebrating Mothers day with a Hollywood inspired purse? I love, love, love a good handbag!  A good purse is a staple in any women’s accessory collection (or men if you know a guy who carries a “man purse”).  I admit I used a diaper tote for about 5 years longer than I should have!  There something intoxicating about the smell of a leather hand bag in the morning (grin). Most ladies love a good deal on designer looking accessories but it seems the good handbags are really pricey.  With the economy as it is, who can load up on designer purses when many of us don’t have the money in our current pocketbook!

Baginc is a fashion forward company that sells quality Hollywood inspired handbags at a huge discount.  Baginc uses the best handbag manufactures in the world and fashion scouts who keep up with the ever changing trends in fashion.   Baginc bridges the gap between non-celebrity consumers and the high cost of designer looking handbags.  Baginc brings you the same styles as Hollywood starts, which in turn gave them their mission statement:  “fab without a fortune.

Fashion Accessories for Men

When I hit the stores for a new purse, belt or wallet, I forget that fashion accessories for men is as important as those for women.  My husband is a wallet freak and I promise he changes them out more then I change out my purse!! Baginc carries a variety of items for men, but too bad for the hubster that Baginc asked me to review a new additional to their inventory.  The Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag (which comes in camel or black and is valued at $149) is stunning (and studded)!  This gorgeous bag is unbelievably soft and the studded bottom puts the “fun” into “functional”.   This roomy handbag is lined with quality fabric and comfortably accomodates my netbook.

One winner will receive one Alexa bag (valued at $149) in their choice of black or camel.

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