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Four Celebrity Hair Secrets Exposed!

Have you ever envied those celebrities who always seem to have the perfect hair, skin, makeup and body? You are probably thinking, “Yeah, it must be nice to have all those expensive products and people to help you look like that!” I would certainly agree with you, but come to find out, it is not necessarily true. There are a lot of cool tips and beauty secrets the celebs and their staff use that you can do at home. Here are just a few:

4 Celebrity Hair Secrets You Can Do At Home

  1. Washing: You do not want to wash your hair every day as it can strip your hair of important nutrients. When you do shower, do so with lukewarm water as hot water can cause your hair to frizz. After washing your hair, consider sleeping on your damp hair for a gorgeous tosseled look you will not need to do much with the next day.
  2. Styling: When you are blow drying your hair, stop halfway through and then apply your styling products. Applying it when your hair is wet, your hair can become saturated, leaving a residue when it is dry. Dry your hair from the top down and point the heat at the ends. Flatten your hair with your hands instead of a brush.
  3. Cuts And Color: Instead of going for an all over color, try highlights; they make your color last longer. Instead of trying to cut your own bangs, call your stylist for a bang trim. They will do so for just a few dollars and you will not end up looking like Cleopatra!
  4. Product: You need to use product that will not leave your hair sticky, limp and greasy. Instead, you want a product that will leave your hair shiny, full of volume, protected and that will make your hair style last for hours, even into the next day.

If you were to use a line of hair products at home that will give your the same gorgeous hair as the stars, you want White Sands Products. You will see hair stylists to stars like Khloe Kardashian, The Cheetah Girls, Karina Smirnoff from DWTS and others using the hair products from the White Sands line. Their products, like the Liquid Texture Firm Hold, will give you soft, shiny and manageable hair that will hold your style. The Liquid Texture Firm Hold, which sells for $19 on the White Sands website, has been called the “ultimate design tool.” It won this name because it gives you the flexibility to create just about any hair style that will not go limp after an hour.

The Liquid Texture can easily be combed through your hair yet provides long-lasting hold, even in humid weather. With something called thermal intelligence, it gets shiner the more heat you use and it will not flake or leave a sticky residue on your styling tools. White Sands sells a full-line of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, styling sprays, and styling products, treatments, accessories and tools. Shop today to get the same high quality products as seen in Allure magazine and the Today show.

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