There are often times I wish parenting came with a “how to” manual.  I always want to know that the way I deal with different situations that come up will help my children turn out to be great adults.  Unfortunately, there is no “how to” manual and, I’m sure if there were, we would all want to change it anyway.

Challenges In Parenting

One of the biggest challenges in parenting I have found is determining when to be “soft” and when to be “hard”.  Also, the consistency of both makes a huge difference.  There are things in our household we do not allow, such as hitting, kicking, biting, sassiness, or tantrums.  We have found that, especially with sassiness and tantrums, it can affect the whole family if the child is having a bad moment.  When the child cannot move beyond that moment quickly, then they need to go to another room until they can be with the rest of the family.

I think I am definitely much more of a softie though on most things that is not behavior related.  When our kids have bad dreams in the middle of the night I have always let them come sleep with us.  Thankfully there has never been more than one at a time or else we may be in trouble!  I do not ever tell them they need to toughen up when they get boo, boo’s, nor do I make them eat everything that is on their plate.  I want them to eat enough so their tummies are “happy” and to be healthy.

Charmin 2012 Election

Speaking of being soft or hard, did you know Charmin has launched a campaign of its own this year by asking fans across the country to vote for their favorite Charmin?  On National Toilet Paper Day, which was Friday, August 24th, the Charmin 2012 Election kicked off in none other than Flushing, Queens.  However, across the country toilet paper fans everywhere are encouraged to cast their vote on Charmin’s Facebook Page to show their support for either Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong.  You will only be able to vote through October 20th since the election will end after that date.

Here are the details on the two types of toilet paper:

Charmin Ultra Soft is very absorbent and has an extra soft texture that allows you to use less versus the leading brand.   Charmin Ultra Strong has an enhanced Diamond Weave texture that holds up under tough messes, but still has the unique softness of Charmin.

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