Furby BoomYou got a Furby Boom. You spent time cultivating your Furby’s personality. Now he is a girl or she turned into a boy! what happened? How did you change Furby from girl to boy, but more importantly how do you change it back? The Furby Boom has quite a few personalities which you can find out about on my post, “Furby Boom Personalities Guide” They are Sweet, Hyper,Rockin, Jolly, Feisty.

Furby Boom Eggs QR Codes
Click here to go to my post on Furby Hatchlings

The Furby Boom arrives as a Sweet girl on default, but you can learn how to change your Furby Boom Personalities easily on this post. The first personality I changed my Sweet Furby Boom to was Hyper. Hyper is a girl. I did this by swinging her around by her tail and shaking her. Here is a video of Furby Boom in Hyper.

After Hyper, she changed to Jolly. Jolly is a boy. I did this basically by sticking my finger in his mouth and force feeding him.

You can see the Furby torture in the video below.

So go download the app and get started on all the Furby Boom fun!
After you download the app you can start hatching your Furblings! You can collect the Furby Boom eggs from your Furby, from your friends or by scanning various QR codes. I wrote a post telling you where all the QR codes can be found on the internet: Where Can I find Furbling QR Codes and Other Furby Boom Hatchling Questions.

Stay tuned for the next video and post on changing your Furby from a boy to a girl..


  1. So fun!!! I am a little amazed that there are toys that we can change personalities and gender. These are awesome. I love the videos!

  2. I have never had a Furby in my life (nor have my kids). I didn’t even know they could be either boys or girls! I guess you learn something new every day.

  3. Well, can you do a “How to change Furby from Boy to Girl. My sister wants hers and I do to to be a girl like ANYONE…. maybe not evil.

  4. I have to honestly say that Furby scares me… and the idea of having to torture her/him to change his personality doesn’t help… glad my kids are into other things right now.

  5. Was this post intentionally or unintentionally hilariously DISTURBING?

    Granted, I’ve had a few Furbies and Tamagotchis I’d have LIKED to torture, but aren’t these supposed to be children’s toys?

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