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Allstate Good Life

When we bought our first home I couldn't wait to have dinner parties and back yard barbecues with friends. We had purchased a house on the lake, it was meant for summer cook outs, bonfires by the shore and yard games with friends. Unfortunately we had a long way to go before our house would be ready for any kind of parties. It was a "fixer upper" and work began immediately. Being first time home owners and have absolutely no clue to the problems you can run into during construction we naively planned a murder mystery Halloween party for just a few short months after our "move in date." Mind you that our move in date was actually the date we could start construction, not the day we could actually move in.

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If you have taken on any sort of large home projects you know just how fragile the construction timeline can be. Weather, delayed materials or hidden problems can set you back weeks. Of course, we ran into all of these problems during construction! Before I knew it our Halloween party, and thus the big debut of our house, was just two weeks away. We had moved in by then but our house was in no condition to be "shown off" the way we imagined it to be.  As the party approached I was working day and night to get it finished intime. Despite numerous reassurances from friends that they didn't care what state the house was in I had this image in my mind of showing off our completely finished first home. The murder mystery theme was elaborate and I wanted everything to be just right. Of course the day of the party arrived and imagine it, we weren't ready! But you know what, we had an amazing time anyways. Our friends truly didn't care what state of construction we were in. They ooh'd and aah'd over the parts that were finished. They groaned with us over the problems we had experienced.

After the first tours were over the unfinished house was forgotten and the night was a complete success. We had great friends, good food and a fantastic time. It's funny how we tend to sweat the little things in life. If I had given in to my "idea" of the perfect house and the perfect party I would have cancelled and missed out with a memorable time with friends. Sometimes life is just about appreciating the simple moments.

A good life is about being thankful for the things you have and not dwelling on the negative. Allstate Good Lifemotto is “Good Hands for the Good Life.” If you know Allstate by know you know that when you have it, you're in a good hands. Those good hands works everyday to help build more good in the lives of their customers. What's you're good life story? Share it with us in the comments below!

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