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Chic Lighting For The Home From Staging By Sara Sweepstakes

Chic Lighting For The Home

If are interested in making some decorating changes, you might look for chic lighting for the home.  If you don’t have the time, money or energy to completely change your current decor, new lighting is a good start.  I have had the same lamps in my house for probably 10+ years.  When I have added new items to my home, I never think about updating my lamps and light fixtures.  New lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of a room, especially if it is unique.  I have recently replaced the lights in the kid’s rooms, but didn’t think to do the same in the other rooms in the house.  I decided to start with the dining room and I went on a search for some cool lighting.  That is when I found an amazing artist who makes the most unique lights I have ever seen.

One craft night with friends inspired Sara Barnes to start a business and in 2011, Simply Staging By Sara was born!  Sara and her husband remodel homes and they make the perfect pair for a successful business.  Sara’s husband does all the remodeling to the house and once he finishes, Sara comes in and brings it to life.  People saw Sara’s talent for decorating and creating and their word of mouth encouraged Sara to open her Etsy shop.  Sara has taken common household items and turns them into magical and breathtaking lights.  Sara has been able to juggle what many of us only dream of; working, creating and being a mom to three small human children and one not so small sheepdog!  Not only is Sara a talented artist, but she is a bit of a super hero!

Unusual Items For Lighting

I must admit I am not one who seeks out unusual items for lighting but when the universe is aligned just right, you may find something so fantastic that you cannot believe your eyes!  Sara uses household items as well as unconventional materials to make her creations.  When I first saw Sara’s coffee filter light, I could not believe it was made from boring old coffee filters!  As I would not come up with that idea in a million years, I need to ask Sara where that idea came from!!   When Sara ships her fragile coffee filter lamps (valued at $85.00) they are packaged carefully and and the instructions for hanging the lamp are enclosed.  When you hang the lamp and turn on the light, the glow just makes the room feel warm and inviting.  There is a downside I found…if you invite people over for dinner, the warm glow from Sara’s lamp invites your guests to stay FOREVER!!  The upside of that scenario is that your guests must leave at some point but the coffee filter lamp stays with you!!

One winner will receive one of Sara’s unique burlap wreaths which are valued at $50.00

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