I believe in you

Childrens Book I Believe In You by Marianne Richmond Review

I have had the opportunity to review the Childrens Book I Believe In You by Marianne Richmond.  Sometimes I forget just how powerful words can be, children are so impressionable and are constantly striving to make their parents proud.  They are always watching, listening, waiting and taking in all that is happening around them.  I never really thought about how much of an effect I could have on the people in my life.  I have six nieces and have always been pretty close with them, it wasn’t until recently that I realized how much they listened to the things I said.  They wanted to be like me and do things the way I did.  It makes me feel good to know that I have left a lasting positive impression on them each in different ways, I only hope that I will be able to that influential in my own children’s lives.  I love books and especially books with such a wonderful message behind them.  Each night we read several books before bed, the first night I read this book to my daughters I got a little choked up (one the first page is an image of a baby and the second page has a little girl going to school), at that moment I thought “oh my goodness they are growing up too fast”.  As I proceeded on in the story I was pleasantly surprised to see so many issues addressed good/bad days, happy/sad days, dealing with no/trying something else instead, being afraid/courageous, making mistakes/telling the truth just to name a few.  With the constant support of your family you can do anything.  The illustrations in this book are out of this world, very colorful and easy on the eye (they depict exactly what’s happening in the story).

The Power of Believing in Your Child

Letting your children know you believe in them is so important for who they are and who they will become. The power of believing in your child is an amazing thing.  Being supportive and always there for them no matter what gives children a sense of comfort.  I remember when I was younger, my parents were always very supportive of the decisions I made.  And when I made the wrong decisions I felt like I could talk to them about it and they helped me to deal with the circumstances.  I always knew they believed in me whether I was doing right or wrong.  I really think that has helped me to be the person I am today.  As parents, we all know there is no rule book or instruction manual that comes along with the kids so we do the best we can and book’s like I Believe in You can help you in your quest to help and guide your children.  You can purchase  this book for $15.99. For more from Marianne Richmond check out: If I could Keep you Little, You are my wish come true and Pink Wiggly Pig.  Check her out on Facebook!