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Childrens Book Rub a Dub Dub Theres a Monkey in Our Tub By Heather R Wallace

Books are a very important part of my daily life for myself and children, I was lucky enough to review the childrens book Rub a Dub Dub Theres a Monkey in Our Tub by Heather R Wallace.  I thoroughly enjoy reading for leisure and reading to my girls.  To be surrounded by wonderful books brings a sense of calming into my life, I love how you can lose yourself in a story, like you are actually in the book with the characters. Special time reading with my girls is one of my favorite times of day.

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The wonderful thing about this book is that it comes in print and for kindle, I love that there are so many childrens books for kindle.  The story is about a Monkey that at appears out of no where in the tub, as he’s sloshing and splashing about the family is wondering how he got in there and what to do.  When the Monkey finishes with his bath he finds a closet and proceeds to try on several different outfits, making quite the mess in the process.  Once he found the right outfit he makes a phone call and this keeps the family wondering who on earth he could be talking to.  The next thing they knew the doorbell rang and a girl monkey was waiting on the porch.  It looks like the monkey was getting himself ready for a date!  The family was left stunned at all that had transpired.  I thought the story was adorable and kept us wondering what the silly monkey was going to do next.  The illustrations are great and both of my girls really enjoyed they book.  I have been having a difficult time lately with my 1 yr old not liking bath time.  After reading this book several times, the next time we jumped in the bath I asked her where the monkey was.  Her eyes got big and she started searching for him, of course she didn’t find him but it was a nice distraction to get bath time done and over with before she realized she was actually taking a bath!  When I asked my older daughter (4) what her favorite part of the story was she said “when his girlfriend comes over because they both look so nice they must be going somewhere special”!

You can purchase this book in print for $9.95 or in kindle for $3.99.  Heather R Wallace has also written 1,001 Writing Prompts to Ignite Your Creative Spark, 101 Easy Peasy Cookie Recipes and Ollie the Amigurumi Monkey: A Fun to Crochet Pattern.

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