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Travel To Old Salem to Learn Moravian Chocolate History

The third stop on our American Heritage Chocolate tour was Old Salem Museum and Gardens where we participated in a good ol’ fashioned scavenger hunt!

The folks at Old Salem went all out and gave us a few clues to figure out the answers. I love games, so I went one further and showed a picture of my answers to the question as shown above. My favorite place in Old Salem is the gardens. I am always amazed at the simplistic beauty contained in a plant. I highlighted a few of the plants at the gardens above, but you should really go in person to check it out! Did you know purple is the hardest color to replicate in nature without artificial means. We met with the yarn dye specialist and learned how the dyes were created as well as which color cacoa beans would die the wool.

We even had a little arts and crafts time where we learned how to make an old fashioned journal from the paper on up! This will be included in the giveaway box provided by Old Salem Museum and Gardens and American Heritage Chocolate as well as American Heritage Chocolate goodies and more!

The chocolate at Old Salem was used to create dishes consumed by the Moravians who lived in the Winston-Salem area. They would cook on free standing bake ovens or on a hearth. They would stab their food with a fork and put the food to their mouth with a knife. The Moravians would use the chocolate mostly in baking or served with “ginger cookies.”

These corn husk dolls were in the window of the kitchen. They were made as part of an educational program ran at Old Salem.

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