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Choosing A Prom Dress For Your Body Type

It is hard to believe that my Caitlin, who is almost 15, will be going to her 8th grade prom soon.   I love that she was asked by a very nice boy (his mom is a teacher at Caitlin’s school) but I am sad that my little girl is growing up so fast!  As much as Caitlin wants to be grown up, her Dad and I keep a pretty tight reign on her.  One of our rules is that she is not allowed to wear clothes that are revealing or tight and she has just been given the ok to wear a little bit of make-up.  When shopping for a dress for the prom, we realized there were a lot of options, most importantly was choosing a prom dress for your body type.  At this age, girls are not done growing and filling out, so what fits older girls, won’t work for younger girls.  We decided to do some research before we locked in to one style dress.  Here are the guidelines we found helpful:

Choosing A Prom Dress For Your Body Type

  • Petite Frames: If you have a petite girl you are shopping for, a short dress works best for her.  When a shorter girl tries to wear a long gown, it can swallow her up and make her proportions look wonky.  Another style to take into consideration would be a strapless dress.  If you feel your girl may be too young for the strapless style, you can get a nice wrap that will cover her shoulders while still showing the strapless dress.
  • Curvy Figures: If you are shopping for a curvy figure, an empire waist dress will look great.  If you prefer a more fitted look, find an hour glass dress to match your hour glass figure!  If you got it flaunt it, right?

  • Plus Size: If you are looking for a dress for someone who is in a plus size, a long and flowing dress is just perfect for this body type.  If this is the dress you are going to choose, play up your hair, eyes or another feature you love about yourself to add some oomph to the dress style.  Another dress style that is nice on a plus size gal is the Grecian style that shows off those great shoulders and arms!  If this is your style, find a beautiful piece of wrapped metal jewelry to wear on the upper arm.
  • Tall Women: If you have some height on the girl you are shopping for, the high-low style is just great.  This is the dress that has the shorter front and a longer back, possibly with a bit of a train.
  • Athletic Builds: If you have a tomboy who loves sports, an embellished or cutout dress works well to add the illusion of curves to an athletic frame.  Another style that is great for this body type is a one shoulder look to show off those girl guns!

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