Tips For Choosing Beauty Products For Sensitive Skin
If you have baby skin like me, you may be looking for tips for finding beauty products for sensitive skin.  It seems as I get older, my skin is getting more and more sensitive.  I was lucky enough to breeze through my teens with nary a pimple or blemish. Once I hit my 40’s, I started seeing an occasional pimple or blackhead, but nothing major.  Now that I have hit the big 5-0, I feel like I am reliving my teens with the skin most teens were cursed with!  I was not going to let my skin get all crazy and start cropping up zits all over the place!  I decided to do some research and find some advice on how to correct this situation.  I found some great tips that I wanted to share with you.

Tips For Choosing Beauty Products For Sensitive Skin

  • Lighten Up: Choose products that are lightweight instead of thick and heavy.  If you have sensitive skin, the last thing you want to do is slather on a bunch of thick products that will make your skin all claustrophobic!
  • Don’t Compare: The worst thing you can do is to call three of your friends and take a poll on what beauty products they are using.  Just because a product works for Susan and Beth does not mean it is going to work for you.
  • Do Some Research: Learn about what ingredients are in the products you use and find out if they are safe.  Here is a shocking rule of thumb that you may think is completely crazy: If you can’t eat it, don’t use it!  One subject I have loved learning about while writing is going green and being more socially responsible.  Many of my favorite products are those that are organic and even better, vegan.  If you are looking for a line of beauty products that are as pure as the driven snow, you need to visit My Antho.  This company calls themselves beauty purists for a very good reason: they are!!!

Vegan Beauty Products

Although I have been learning about being more eco-friendly and organic, I was not as well versed about vegan beauty products.  When I heard about how fantastic they are for you as well as how great they are for our planet, I was eager to try some for myself.  The reason I loved My Antho so much is because the products they sell are developed by a group of folks that live the same lifestyle.  This mob of clever vegetarians has developed a line of products that are Vegan, cruelty free and are packaged in recycled materials.   My Antho has done all the legwork for you by finding the purest botanicals, natural salts, clays and other ingredients and they made them affordable.  This family company has made their customer service as important as the products they make and sell.  By bringing you the highest percentage of organic ingredients on the market, you know My Antho has your best interests at heart.  I received an amazing gift pack full of My Antho products ($115.00) and I had the most fun trying them out .  I loved how the Strawberry Dessert Smoothing Organic Face Mask ($17.95) made my face so smooth and fresh feeling.  I also loved the Tender as Petals Mild Natural Face Cleanser ($16.95) because it cleaned my face without making it feel dry and rough like it does when I use regular soap.  I was in heaven when I used the Patchouli geranium Organic Body Butter ($17.95) after I got out of the shower.  I smelled fantastic (or so my hubby said) and my skin has never felt better.  I am a complete My Antho enthusiast now and I bet you will be too!

Two readers will each win a $25 gift certificate to be used at My Antho


  1. Lovely packaging on their products! I think the Lemongrass Shire – Pure Soy Candle would smell amazing.

  2. I would like to try the Organic Shower Gel – Mild Natural Body Wash – Exotic Patchouli
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  3. my favorite product is the Organic Shower Gel – Mild Natural Body Wash – Exotic Patchouli

  4. I like the organic deodorant. It is impossible to find a deodorant where I live, so it seems. This would be great!

  5. I would like to try this Rose Garden – Organic Dead Sea Bath Salt, it looks so pretty in the bottle.

  6. I just realized I tried this before they changed their name! I really love the Tender as Petals Facial Cleaner. It’s really an amazing product.

  7. The Lemongrass Body Scrub. My skin is dry and flaky so I love scrubs – and my favorite scent it lemongrass… nothing is better!

  8. I love so many but my favorite is Organic Shower Gel – Baby, Sensitive skin – Unscented

  9. I like the Organic Shower Gel – Mild Natural Body Wash – Lavender and the Organic Lavender Hydrosol Toner

  10. The West Indies – Gentle Organic Face Scrub sounds interesting I’d probably give that a try first 🙂 Thank you!!

  11. I would like to try the soaps for myself, but I really would like the Organic Shower Gel – Baby, Sensitive skin – Unscented

  12. I love organic stuff, so in my eyes all of it is great, but the lavender dead sea bath salt looked the most appealing to me.

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