My kids love to play in the water, so we do a lot of water related activities when the weather allows it. One of our favorite spots is a park nearby that has a small beach off the lake. We love to go to The Cove but we are always mindful of the rocks that are scattered in the water. I should know, I broke a toe on them one summer that kept me out of the water for weeks! We have a creek in our back yard, so the kids are always splashing around in it. It never occurred to me to get the kids to wear shoes in the creek until Caitlin cut her foot. Last summer, we had a really heavy rain and the kids went to play in the creek the day after. They were excited that the creek had risen so much and started splashing around. Caitlin slipped and cut her foot on a sharp rock and ended up with 10 stitches. Needless to say, we never go barefoot into the creek or The Cove anymore. When choosing the best shoes to wear in the water, I did some checking online and this is what I found:

  • What: First you need to learn what water shoes are! Basically, water shoes are those shoes that are waterproof, have non-skid soles and are flexible. The best way to tell if a pair of shoes will work is to look at the bottom. If you don’t see some nice, deep grooves, skip them.
  • Why: What is your reason for wearing water shoes? You need to wear shoes in the water that will protect your feet. Make sure your foot is covered on the top, bottom and sides to avoid an injury.  Another reason to wear water shoes is to keep the feet warm when playing in chilly waters.
  • When: A good water shoe will last you all year round, so whenever you are in water and you are outside, you need to have on a good pair of water shoes.
  • Which: When choosing a pair of water shoes that are right for you, be sure to try them on. There are a lot of styles of water shoes and they aren’t all going to work for your foot. Look for a shoe that is made by a reputable company that has experience in designing water shoes. One of the leaders in the industry is ZEMgear, whose products cover a huge variety of high performance shoes for the whole family.

The Best Shoes For Water

Choosing The Best Water Shoes

After Caitlin’s accident, I was so paranoid, I kept the kids out of the water for a while. I looked for water shoes but my choices were very limited. I found sandals that were waterproof, but had no traction  clogs that were not much better than going barefoot and sneakers that would get ruined after a few visits to the treacherous Cove. With only a few weeks of summer left, I gave up and kept the kids out of the water. This year I was going to make sure I was choosing the best water shoes that would protect their feet and last the summer. When I was offered a pair of the Apex shoes from ZEMgear, I was excited to see how they did. Caitlin couldn’t wait to jump out in the creek when the shoes arrived, and even though it was chilly, she went splashing around for a bit. I love these shoes! The Apex are trans-seasonal, so they are perfect in any weather and they are made to preform in colder and wetter conditions. The Apex is very insulated and the soles don’t mess around! As you can see from the picture, the soles are incredible for any climbing, running,  walking, swimming or any other sport. Caitlin was in the water for about 15 minutes, and her feet stayed completely dry. I was amazed! The ZEMgear company was formed in 2010 by to people who had an extremely impressive background in the industry. With the help of a talented designer, ZEMgear became a company you can trust with your feet, no matter the weather, terrain or element. You can purchase the Apex for $79.99 from ZEMgear online as well as their other many styles of minimal shoes.