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I swear I am at the end of my rope. Why is it so hard to get a tiny kid to go potty? We have tried stickers, potty watches, and cloth diapers. Finally, just today – mark it down in history! My kid went potty in the potty chair 5 times! FIVE – and all because he could flush it himself. Sometimes all it takes is choosing the right potty chair.

Choosing The Right Potty Chair

One of the most important facets of potty training is choosing the right potty chair.  I received the Sesame Street – Elmo Adventure Potty Chair ($29.99).  This brightly colored potty chair looks like a miniature toilet, so your toddler will think they are using a big potty like mommy and daddy!  This potty chair has some great features like a flush handle that has flushing sounds as well as words of encouragement from Elmo, a seat adapter when transition from the potty chair to a toilet, an easy to remove and clean waste cup and a cool 3D aquarium label in the tank.  If you are potty training a little girl, the Abby Cadabby Magical Potty Chair ($29.99) is perfect.  With the sweet purple and pink colors and the adorable 3D picture of Abby, your little girl is sure to love this potty chair just for her.

When looking for the perfect potty chair for Mason, I knew I wanted to choose one that would attract his attention and make him want to use it. I also knew I wanted to find a product that came from a company that is known and trusted for their outstanding products.  For me, that company is Kolcraft, who has been designing and manufacturing quality baby products since 1946.  Along with the products from Kolcraft, you can also find quality products from such companies as Jeep, Contour, Sesame Street, Sealy and Stearns and Foster.  Kolcraft sells a wide array of products for your baby including baby carriers, crib mattress and pads, strollers, activity toys and potty chairs.  You can also find maternity and nursing pillows for mom. For the people at Kolcraft, when you buy one of their products, their relationship with you doesn’t stop there.  On the Kolcraft website, you can find parenting advice, buying guides and parenting articles.  Kolcraft even has a blog with a ton of great information like recipes, crafts for your older kids and even contests to win Kolcraft products!   Since 1985, Kolcraft has been involved with K.I.D.S. (Kids In Distressed Situations) by donating new products to over 65 million kids in need.

One reader will win either an Elmo or Abby potty chair – readers choice valued at $30. Just tell me in the comments what you have tried to do while potty training your child.

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  1. Please Enter Me In Your Choosing The Right Potty Chair Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The Elmo or Abby potty chair.
    In Response To Your Question Of What have you tried to do while potty training your child?
    I Don’t Have Any Children But I Would Like To Win This For My Niece’s Child.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  2. With my daughter I didn’t have to try much, but with my son I tried everything even letting him “sink”cheerios in the potty.

  3. We are just now in the very beginning stages of potty training. Whenever we notice that she is “going,” we make sure we say it outloud to her. Hoping this will help her make an early connection.

  4. I was really lucky with the last one, we went to the store and she picked out her very own Big Girl Princess underwear and she really had hrself trained in just a couple of days because she didn’t like having to take off her Princess undies when they got wet and wear a boring “baby” pull-up until the Princesses got washed and dried again. The littlest is just now 6 months so I don’t know wht will work for her, we’ll just have to see.

  5. I potty trained my kids using books, we would read them while they went potty. It worked like a charm 🙂

  6. I purchased a pack of 12 bath toys, and each day my son would use the potty he would receive one toy. He was potty trained within 6 weeks!

  7. With my son, we tried putting a cheerio in the toilet for him to “aim” at. He did it once, and that was all it took!

  8. With my older daughter, I tried potty training at age 2 and she fought me on it. I waited until she was ready and at 2 1/2 she wanted to do it and I taught her in one day. I am waiting until my younger daughter seems willing and ready too. Hopefully it’s soon.

  9. I have been waiting until she is ready but now she tells me when she has a #2 and I think this is the time to start training!

  10. I have been waiting until she is ready but now she tells me when she has a #2 and I think this is the time to start training!

  11. Have had much success using candy rewards for 3 kids. Still having problems with nighttime though. One more to train in a year or so.

  12. I have done it all. Naked, pull ups, potty undies, prayer, bribery. With my 3rd and 4th they were 3 before I started. Mainly because I learned with the first two that they will basically let you know when they are ready. Two weeks and it’s done if you wait until they show true interest!

  13. Well it has been 40 years since I had to potty train my child. We use to set her on top of a little bowl in the middle of my lap.The Good Old Days.

  14. i tried the cereal trick until my kid s tried to eat them and then it was potty in front of the tv i do not know what I will do next time

  15. I just read story books while she sits on the big potty. I dont think she is confident using the big potty.

  16. Well, having raised 5 kids, twins first meant 2 chairs. They trouble at night so we did the buzzer system which took 3 weeks. The next child 18 months later decided to train herself a week before her brother was born. She had one accident total, I think she was easy because she didn’t want to be different from her sisters, you know how competitive kids are. The boys were trained with the M&M reward system and it worked at age 3.

  17. We have tried a few times and have tried to be very excited and give her a sticker if she goes pee pee in the potty

  18. I tried really pushing my older son to potty train and he was resistant so I stopped and let him do it in his own time.

  19. My kids saw one of their friends using the potty so they insisted that they get to use one too. That’s all I had to do.

  20. I tried everything~it seems like boys are harder to train then girls. I used to bribe my son with Matchbox cars!

  21. My son was completely trained by his 2nd birthday doesn’t even wet the bed.you just have to be consistent and lots of praise!

  22. We are just starting but so far it’s not going well. My son thinks it’s fun to sit on the potty like mommy or daddy but has not used it once.

  23. I’ve tried treats (one or two smarties/m&ms or clear pop or some juice), verbal praise, playing a cellphone game on the potty just to make my son want to sit and stay and try to go on the potty, we have bought big boy underwear so he really wants to potty train, i am always asking him if he needs to go on potty and encouragement.

  24. Praise, praise, and more praise! If they are ready for potty training, I have found that they are very eager to please.

  25. We are doing casual potty training right now. My son will get a treat with he goes on the potty but thats as far as we have gotten


  26. We will begin training soon for my granddaughter, so as I had 3 boys and no girls this will be a new experience. So Im looking into all the helpful hints and good advice that I can find right now . 🙂

  27. I haven’t tried anything yet my son will be turning 2 in March and I read that it isn’t good to start potty training until he turns 3 so that he can control his bladder better and not have accidents at night.

  28. I am actually getting ready to try potty training within the next little while, a new potty chair would be of great help 🙂

  29. My oldest & my youngest were super easy to potty train but my 3 year old refuses! Ive tried everything!

  30. rewards for making it to the potty in time. Favorite tv show, special treat at lunch or touch down dance as loud as you want. 🙂

  31. My grandson is just starting to potty train. He likes taking his diaper off and running around naked, but he is scared of the potty. We are trying various forms of praise, toys, treats, and “good job”.

  32. Trying to potty train my two year old grandaughter. It’s really hard she just doesnt want to do it. She LOVES Elmo though so hoping I win and maybe this will help her.

  33. It took no time at all for our kids – we were so lucky that way. We used rewards a few times, but really, they were the ones that initiated it all.

  34. With my older daughter I just always encouraged her and had to be very patient. Once she started daycare at 2 and a half she did really well using the potty and I am sure it had to do with seeing other kids doing the same. I will be starting potty training with my second child in a few more months when she turns 2 years old.

  35. I took my daughter to the store and got her all excited about letting her pick out her special undies to wear as a big girl. She loved it so much she didn’t want to dirty them. Now it’s time for me to potty train my son.

  36. we are just starting out with my daughter ~ and right now we are just letting her sit on the potty and do stickers, or sing songs ~ really whatever she would like to do!!

  37. I tried many different angles … 3 kids with 3 very different training styles. I found that my sons were more difficult and I set up potty’s all over the house so they had visual cues to remind them to go. My daughter hated going her pull ups but HAD to have them till I cut her off.

  38. for boys, cheerios in the toliet & using them as targets. for my grand daughter, a penny in the little piggy band on the toliet tank. Some people do candy (M & M’s) but I thought the penny was a healthy way.

  39. I took my son and bought special stickers and made a reward chart, each time he went potty in the potty, he was able to pick out a special sticker.

  40. I have not tried much besides the use of the big potty (my two year old refuses to use her simple current potty chair) in which she can not do herself. I also do undies (although they seem to always be wet).

    Sort of thinking it times for a new potty chair since the moment she pees she NEEDS a diaper change. The potty might make all the difference in her as well.

  41. We do a lot of running around naked when I think they are ready. Once they get the hang of it, we slowly start back with the clothes, underwear then something easy like sweatpants until they can do it themselves. A lot of time at home those first couple of weeks.

  42. We are just starting and we tried peeing thru fruity cheerios ! Learning colors and potty training all at once lol!

  43. She’s not ready to potty train yet, only one year old, but since it will come soon, we need a potty chair! 🙂


  45. I would bring my daughter in the bathroom with me and show her how to do it and then ask if she wants to be like mommy.

  46. Haven’t started quite yet. But with my daughter taking her diaper off own her own a lot,I’m sure we’ll be starting soon. Thank you for this giveaway.

  47. a friend sat her child on the potty chair in front of the TV while eating breakfast. said it wasn’t long til he learned to understand the urge after eating.

  48. For my son, put a couple of fruit loops in toilet when he needs to go, let him Shoot at them.. boys are very visual and like the game

  49. with my oldest it just took to showing him where to go, with my middle it was a matter of putting her on the potty. havent started with the baby yet since she is not showing signs of it just yet

  50. my son is only 15 months, so we haven’t started quite yet, but we’re planning on it in the next few months!

  51. We are just starting the training process so my goal is to get my son just to sit on the potty. He acts afraid of it. I will give him a book or let him play with the finer paint app on my kindle.

  52. With my daughter we offered her rewards she got a lalaloopsy doll if she had so many stars on her pee pee calendar . With my son he wants to be like his big sister so he likes to sit on the potty before a bath and try to pee so far he has actually gone 5 times and is only 16 mths . When he is older and ready to try standing I will try putting fruit loops or cheerios in the toilet kind of like target practice

  53. Just tried letting her sit on the toilet, she wants to be like big sister, but nothing ever happens…. Next I’ll be trying nakey time with lots of juice!

  54. We gave her a sticker each time she used the potty to put on a reward chart that let her pick a prize (book, special activity, etc.) after so many stickers.

  55. My daughter is grown but my granddaughter is almost to the potty training age. With my daughter i used a couple of m&m’s as a reward 🙂

  56. Bribed with a trip to the store to buy “Big Boy” underwear in exchange for getting rid of the diaper. 🙂

  57. My girls are both grown so now it is for granddaughter or grandson – have to decide
    With granddaughter she has older sister so just get to go when she does, Mom does, or Grandma does.

  58. I gave my daughter play make up every time she used her potty. She looked forward to going so she could fill her makeup bag!! It only took 3 days and she was trained. The boys on the other hand were so difficult for me!

  59. With my son, all it took was a trip to the store so he could see all the cool “big boy” pants he could have. Daughter? She was not impressed…did it in her own good time! A friend floated Cheerios in the toilet and let her son aim for them!

  60. It’s been so long since I potty trained my daughter – she’s 39 now! But I’m hoping to win for my granddaughter who loves Elmo & who will be getting ready to start soon.

  61. My son isn’t quite there yet, but my mom has told me about using Cheerios for them to aim at in the potty. We have books about going to the potty as well.

  62. We haven’t started yet & I don’t think we will be anytime soon, but we have time yet – she’s not even 2.

  63. My daughter is 3 and fighting me on the potty training, it’s exhausting, lol. They say don’t push them or it will make it worse, so I’m backing off and we’ll try again soon. She doesn’t fall for the bribery, sticker charts, pretty panties…notta.

  64. We are very non-chalant about it. If your child knows its a big deal to you they tend to be more willful about not using the potty. The key to success is a child that thinks its their idea and that they are completely ready.

  65. Work in a Mother’s Morning Out for our church and have reinforced many mommies in their potty training endeavors. Stay positive! Give lots of encouragement and check often with your toddler to have them “sit on the potty”.

  66. reward

    rewad him with goodies show him how mommy and daddy does it let him know what a good big boy hes now make him feel proud of himself

  67. the 3 day potty training method worked WONDERFULLY for my son. my daughter is too young and we’ll see what happens.

  68. We gave them a book to read while on the potty. Turned the water on in the sink. Went to the bathroom ourselves while they were on their potty.

  69. I am planning to start potty training my daughter after her 2nd birthday in March. There are no signs of her learning about potty in near future. 🙂 Have to see how it goes.

  70. when i did for my son he would taje the diaper off and crwl out of the ply pen so we put the potty cahir next to the play pen

  71. I just had them go when I felt the time was right for them and me. I have four boys, each trained at different times and such. I did in the spring/summer months for all of them though. It was all good.

  72. We have tried giving them treats if they go potty, so far this has worked and they are starting to go.

  73. I’ve done the sticker and other rewards. I’ve done the regular underwear rather than pull-ups. I kept my cool during “accidents”. I made sure my boys knew it was ok to have them. I also made sure they were never away from access to a bathroom for very long, just in case. It didn’t take too long to get them totally trained.

  74. Bribery with my oldest! She was 3 & would do pretty well, but still had accidents. There was a toy that she really wanted, so I bought it & put it up high where she couldn’t reach it. I told her she could have it when she went 2 days (not nights) without accidents. It worked! :o)

  75. I haven’t started with my 22 month old yet, but with my oldest daughter it came down to bribery. She was 3 years old & there was a toy that she realllly wanted, so I bought it & sat it up high where she could see it but not reach it. I told her that if she could go 2 days (not including nights) without an accident she could have it. It worked! :o)

  76. I haven’t started with my 22 month old yet, but with my oldest daughter it came down to bribery. She was 3 years old & there was a toy that she realllly wanted, so I bought it & sat it up high where she could see it but not reach it. I told her that if she could go 2 days (not including nights) without an accident she could have it. It worked! :o)

  77. I threw cherrios in the toiliet bowl and told my grandson to see if he could sink them when he peed he thought it was funny and he finally did it , I told him i was so proud of him, the rest of the day he would ask nana you proud of me and i smiled and said always son always.

  78. being patient give the boys a bug to aim at in the toilet and having dad go potty with them every chance he could. they caught on pretty quick.

  79. I am entering this for my niece. The little boy was believe it or not easy to potty train. But the little girl… oh well 🙂

  80. We used the sticker chart with my daughter and she got a small prize when she filled it up. currently trying this with my son, but he doesn’t seem to care or be motivated at the thought of getting a new monster truck. Tried m&m’s with him too. He’s 3 and half.

  81. My daughter is 2 and when I was potty training her I’d set and pee while she was on the potty, she was doing really good for a few weeks and then she got sick and didn’t want to go on the potty and now she won’t even get near her potty. Maybe if I win this she might want to start going again!

  82. sit my grandchild on the potty 20 minutes after every meal, read a story and reward with m&M if successful

  83. I am just sarting potty training , so far I have tried the sctickers as a reward but haven’t been sucessful

  84. We are in the process of training my grandson, we have a schedule to put him on the potty when he is up, and just trying to get him to realize when he has to go.

  85. We’ve been encouraging our 2 year old for a while now, and she was showing interest until her little sister came along. Now she’s telling us she wants to keep her diapers forever. We bought her big girl underwear and have tried a reward system too.

  86. When I was potty training my son it was just a matter of perserverance. He understood what was being asked of him and I was lucky that we never had to use pull ups and after 2 months of heck he was completely potty trained. At first i just put him on the potty every 20 minuites during the day and nothing to drink right before bed. Then once he had asked me to go potty consistently for a few days I only Asked him every 20 minuites if he had to go and it just got better from there. Now I have to train my daughter… :S

  87. My youngest turned three a few weeks ago, and we just started potty training earlier this week. 🙂 So far, we haven’t tried much–just stickers, M&Ms, and watching mommy and daddy use the potty–all to no avail.

  88. We decided to go with a potty seat that goes on the big potty instead of a potty chair. This is a great post though!

  89. With my niece, I’ve tried the rewards system. If you use the potty like a big girl, I’ll give you a surprise!

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