Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Are you trying to find Christmas Gift Ideas For People Who Have Everything?  I can assure you that you are not alone.  I am guessing most of us have at least one person who is just so difficult to buy for.  My mom used to drive me crazy when we would ask her what she wanted.  She would say “Oh, your love is fine”.  Really?  Give me some direction here!!  My kids are so easy to buy for but my husband on the other hand is terrible!  I have been married to this guy for 15 years and I still don’t know what to get him each year!  I am determined to find some really out of the box gifts for my family this year, I just don’t know what to get.  Here are some really good ideas I found:

Christmas Gift Ideas For People Who Have Everything

  • Car Wash and Detail: What a great gift for a busy person who is on the road a lot.  My mom asked for this one year and it was the best gift we ever gave her.  The car looked like brand new when it was done and the cost was quite reasonable.
  • Classes: Most universities have a non-credited schedule that includes classes for cooking, cake decorating and even a CSI class!  How cool would it be to lean fingerprint techniques and how to interpret evidence?
  • Unique Gift Cards: A great gift idea would be a gift card for groceries or possibly for a maid service.  If you know someone that is older or really busy and cannot clean their home, send over a cleaning service.

Caitlin Pants

  • Cool Clothes: My kids love to wear clothing that is off-beat and unusual.  For her Kindergarten pictures, she is wearing a denim dress with VERY colorful tights, pig tails (she had a page boy cut, so this was an interesting look) and a white hat she had outgrown 2 Easter’s before.  Funny thing is that picture captured the essence of Caitlin, both in her sense of style and her love of being her!  I recently met an extremely talented and vivacious entrepreneur that has a concept that is as unique and smart as Sammy G. herself! If you are a corporate giant that needs the perfect personalized gift for your staff or a mom with a couple of quirky kids, Sammyg*s has more gift choices than you could ever dream of.

Cool Clothes For Cool Kids

Each Christmas, I try to find some cool clothes for cool kids because my kids are just that; cool!  When I first heard of Sammyg*s, I was unaware of just how diverse the product line is.  Samantha Graff was a student at the University of Western Ontario in 1996 when she baked cookies for some of her fellow classmates.  With much encouragement and bravery, Samantha took her skills as a real estate agent and coupled that with her marketing  skills and her huge heart for making others happy and Sammyg*s was born.  After taking a year off from real estate, Samantha worked in a placement agency for the elderly and the young and this opened her eyes and shaped her heart to provide products and services that would make others happy.

Henry Samjams

Included in the Sammyg*s line are elegant and personalized corporate gifts, the plushest blankets you have ever felt and my favorite; Samjams.  Samantha created a pajama pant that combines two very different yet complimentary fabrics and joins them together and viola, you have Samjams!  You can choose from a ton of fabric choices and can ask for cotton, polar fleece or flannelette as well as long pants or shorts.  What I was impressed with the most was the details that Samantha asks you for in order to create the perfect pair of Samjams.  She asked me about the kids favorite colors, hobbies, what their personality was like and several others and she took that information and sent is the perfect gift for each of the kids.  I think that actually sums up the philosophy behind Sammyg*s.  Samantha cares about each and every item she sends out, be it 100 blankets or 2 pairs of Samjams, Samantha will make sure you get the most perfect item you could want.

Winner's PrizeMakobi Scribe readers will receive 10% off any regularly priced item and 15% off youth and adult sizes by using the coupon code #knox12, which expires on 12/31/12. (cannot combine with any other discount, coupon or special) at and you can find them on twitter at @sammygssgraff. Kids SamJams are $40-$50 CAD and adults are $50-$60 CAD.

One reader will win their choice of: 1 white personalized baby bib , with winner’s choice of name and thread color or 1 personalized purse/bag organizer in the winner’s choice of color, thread and font.



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  1. I like the baby kids bags they would be great to carry all the things in when car trips come up in the family as they often do.

  2. I like the Personalized Baby/Toddler Polar Fleece Blanket – Hot Pink/Soft Pink with Multi Funky Coloured Letter

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