Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by SweetWorks. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. When I was growing up, to say Christmas was a big deal was an understatement. My mom started her holiday shopping around the same time school started. There were so many deals for back to school clothes and accessories, she would stock up for Christmas gifts at the same time. Once Halloween was over, the fall decorations started to come out and fill up the downstairs of the house. As soon as the Thanksgiving leftovers were out away, mom was in the basement sorting through the Christmas decorations. We would cut down our own tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it was up and decorated before Monday dawned. Because we were a family of 8, we had a huge dining room table. Mom had the most fun creating a different tablescape every year. I have tried to take on the same tradition, and this year, the kids and I got pretty creative. Here are Mom’s top favorites and one of my own!

3 Unusual Holiday Table Decoration Ideas

3 Unusual Holiday Table Decoration Ideas

  1. Try Unusual Colors: Mom was not afraid of colors, so red and green were not seen on her table very often. Each year, she did a new color combination, ranging from silver, white and blue to a beautiful charcoal grey and plum. Because you are not trying to match anything in your room, you can be free to experiment with any colors, patterns or fabrics you like.
  2. Try Natural Materials: Mom was a hippie and was eco friendly before it was trendy. It was not unusual to see driftwood, pine cones from the pine tree out back or shells or cool rocks she collected. Mom would also experiment with painting the different items, like spray painting the pine cones all silver.
  3. Try Unconventional Materials: The kids and I have a huge sweet tooth. We are always eating something sweet like chocolate, candy, cakes or cookies or bubble gum. This year, we decided to take our favorite things to eat and combine it with our favorite holiday and create an unusual table decoration. We used a variety of products from SweetWorks, THE destination for everything yummy, delicious and well..sweet!


I was sent a ton of deeeeelicious candy, chocolate, Sixlets® and bubblegum to create one of my Christmas table decoration ideas . The kids and I wanted to make something special this year for our holiday table, and we were stuck for any good Christmas table decorations ideas. Then we got this box full of yummy goodness and the wheels started to turn. We decided to make candy trees because Caitlin and I are two girls who love their hot glue gun! It was super easy to make and the results are just precious. All you need is 1-3 Styrofoam trees, SweetWorks Christmas Mix Sixlets®, paint (optional), a hot glue gun, candleholder and coordinating ribbon. We painted the trees white and then we used the hot glue gun to affix the Sixlets® to the trees. Mom passed away just before Christmas last year, so in honor of her, we filled two small vases with the Snowflake Mix Sixlets®, which are Mom’s favorite colors; blue, white and silver, and finished it off with a silver ribbon.

The SweetWorks Company has been creating high quality premium chocolates and confections. They are now an industry leader who carries such notable brands as Sixlets®, Celebration by SweetWorks®, Niagara Chocolates®, Ovation® and Oak Leaf®. While many companies would be happy to rest on these fine accomplishments and accolades, SweetWorks continues to explore new creations for their loyal and new customers to come. I know we are a family of fans of all of the SweetWorks confections. Henry loves their bubblegum, as he walked up and down the hallway, blowing bubbles all weekend! Caitlin and I are partial to the Sixlets®, which are as much fun to decorate with than to eat or bake with! My husband really loves their Mint Ovation® Sticks, which are delicious when you stir them into your hot cocoa! Stay connected with SweetWorks by following them on Twitter and Pinterest. One USA reader will win a $50 SweetWorks Candy Prize package.

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