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Circus Themed Birthday Party

I always thought it would be fun to have a circus themed birthday party for kids.  I have to admit though that I am not particularly a huge fan of clowns so I would probably have a circus theme sans clowns.  There is so much you could do with a circus theme though without it costing a bundle.  Especially for younger kids, which is really more of the appropriate age group for something like this anyway.

Circus Type Games

At a circus they have booths with the different games that allow you to try and win something.  That could be done on a much smaller scale with circus type games.  There could be one section set up with Bozo Buckets and at another station there could be little glass bowls (with plastic fish) for a ball toss.  Then at another station there could be some water guns at one end and small empty milk cartons at the other end.  Kids would have to try to knock over the milk cartons!  Since kids do love water balloons, you could even incorporate those into a stand as well.


Of course there is all that yummy circus food!  I’m sure you could rent cotton candy machines or popcorn machines from somewhere local.  If not, you can make a bunch of popcorn, then put serving sizes in little bags and have them available at a “stand” for kids.  Animal crackers in the original boxes that look like the cages with the animals would be perfect for this, as well as a hot dog stand.  Those big swirled suckers would be a great addition.  Also, if there were no one at the party with peanut allergies then peanuts still in the peanut shell would be very cute as well.

The decor for a circus themed party would, of course, consist of a lot of balloons.  For the popcorn and another types of snack foods you could use the red and white-stripped circus looking containers.  Also, have some banners hanging up that have the pennants hanging off of it.

I am sure there are a ton of really cute ideas for a circus themed birthday party!  Have you ever held a themed party?  If so, what was your theme?


  1. The circus is one of my all time favourite themes for kids (or even adult) birthday parties. You can get really creative with this one and it’s also relatively simple to do, everybody loves the circus 🙂

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