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Classic Fairy Tales with a Twist by My1Story Sweepstakes

Classic Fairy Tales with a Twist

My children love reading before bed and I am always searching for classic fairy tales with a twist to keep things new and exciting at bedtime.  The world is a difficult place for children to grow up in these days.  They are constantly faced with new environments and new challenges.  As a mom, I always try to instill the best values and behaviors in my children and like to surround them with books and stories that do the same thing.  I have noticed more and more that my children’s favorite fairy tales and Disney movies have scary characters or unhappy endings.  I was so happy to be introduced to the new “kid friendly” fairy tales by My1Story.

Kid Friendly Fairy Tales

My1Story has created books filled with kid friendly fairy tales created for children ages 3 and up.  Instead of the normal scary characters such as the Big Bad Wolf and the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk, children are introduced to Wolfie and Beanie.  The first book I received to review is Jack’s Beanstalks: Jack and the Magic Beans.  This story is similar to the classic  story where Jack receives some magic beans and they grow into big tall beanstalk.  Instead of crawling up the beanstalk and meeting the mean giant, Jack meets a young giant, named Beanie, and his stuffed animal, named Goosy.  Jack had a great time making friends with Beanie and Goosy.  When it was time for Jack to leave, he took Goosy with him without asking for permission.  When Jack got down the beanstalk, it started raining.  Jack realized that Beanie was crying because Jack had taken Goosy.  Jack returned the stuffed animal to Beanie and made his friend happy again.  The book helped teach Jack about asking for permission before taking things that weren’t his own  My son loved the “kid friendly” version of this story!

Family Friendly Books

The second family friendly book I received for review is Lil’ Red Riding Hood and Wolfie: I Love Cake!  This is a story of Lil’ Red Riding Hood who met up with a wolf on her way to her Grandma’s house with a cake.  Instead of meeting a mean wolf, Lil’ Red Riding Hood came across Wolfie.  In an attempt to eat all of Lil’ Red Riding Hood’s cake, Wolfie dressed up like Grandma and tricked her!  As Wolfie started to eat the cake, Grandma took the cake away and reminded Wolfie about the importance of sharing with friends!  I love how these books are age appropriate and kid friendly but they also teach kids an important lesson.  In Jack and the Magic Beans, we learned about the importance of asking for permission when taking something that doesn’t belong to you and in I love Cake we learned about sharing with friends.  Both the books will make their debut in 10″x10″ hardback on Amazon this month.  The books retail for $25.98 for both.

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