men's fashionThe festive season is fast approaching and if there is a man on your list, coming up with a gift that feels unique, thoughtful and creative can be a bit daunting. Sometimes feeling pressured into coming up with something cool and different leaves a shopper feeling overwhelmed and it can result in the less-than-pleasant experience of shopping on December 23rd. And let’s face it, ‘unique’ can sometimes translate to eccentric and end up merely relegating the gift to a lonely spot at the back of his closet. So if in doubt, a great idea is to get him something he can wear.

The ever-popular gift of a wristwatch is always a safe bet. Men’s watches come in all shapes and sizes, from simple and sporty to blingy and expensive, and if you know your guy and exactly how much you can spend, you can find the brand and model that best matches your budget and his personality.

If watches aren’t your (or his) thing, check out what is trendy for men whilst still keeping the idea of classic gifts in mind. Patterned and plaid ties are more popular than ever. Quilted outerwear for that dashing British country look never goes out of style. And although socks are often lauded as more of a joke present than a serious one, there’s a big trend for bold-colored socks for men this winter, so kit his feet out in style on Christmas morning!

It’s also hard to go wrong with a pair of cufflinks, and these are by no means stuck in the past when it comes to style: try designers like Paul Smith for motifs spanning everything from flags to jewelled skulls.

Beyond wearable gifts, there are classic items like pocket knives, hip flasks, and cigar cases that definitely qualify for the ‘timeless’ category. But if you’re really stuck for men’s gift inspiration this year, don’t forget they can have as much appreciation of fashion as we do!