Classic Toys For Kids
While I was shopping online recently, I saw several classic toys for kids.  It is really cool to see toys I played with when I was younger (100 years ago) that are still available today.  When I was between the ages of 5-8, I remember how over the top my parents went on Christmas.  Although it was just my sister and I, my mom made sure there was a huge heap of gifts under our tree.  I have a picture of myself when I was 5 holding up the “new” Ants In The Pants game!!  I decided to list a few toys that are still popular today as they were years ago in hopes that it sparks fond memories with you as well. Classic toys for kids make the best gift and last for generations.

Classic Toys For Kids

  • Slinky: I am sure most of us had a Slinky as a kid and I bet most of us had a staircase we were able to make the Slinky walk down.  We had a staircase that was pretty long and then it went around a corner and down 3-4 more steps.  That corner was tricky when trying to get the Slinky to get all the way down our stair case.  My sister and I would play with that simple little toy for hours on end!!
  • Jacks: How many of you played with Jacks when you were younger?  Every day at recess, my friend Michelle and I would play Jacks that we would bring from home in our pockets.  We had it down to a science, doing all kinds of tricks, amazing the entire playground of kids (well, maybe not the entire playground).  I had forgotten many of the moves and had to look them up to teach them to Caitlin.  How sweet to be on the kitchen floor with my daughter playing a game of Jacks!!
  • Don’t Break The Ice: I LOVED this game as a kid!  I was pretty good at it which would make my sister furious with me.  Probably 4 out of 5 games would go to me when we played and it go to the point where she wouldn’t play with me anymore!  What is funny is that Henry and Caitlin are in the same situation as my sister and I had been.  Henry is really good and Caitlin gets really mad, so she refuses to play with him now!!!  I am happy to play with him although he is way better than I ever was!!!
  • Wooden Puzzles: I could do puzzles all day long when I was younger.  We had this awesome dining room table to could seat 10, so it was perfect for any size puzzle.  When my older siblings left home and it was just my mom, dad, me and my sister, we could do a puzzle at one end of the table and it would be undisturbed.  I loved a wooden puzzle over the cardboard any day.  I hated how flimsy the cardboard pieces would get and once one piece bent or got wet, the whole puzzle was ruined.  With a wooden puzzle, you never had that issue.  I recently discovered a company that still makes wooden puzzles and they are gorgeous.  Artifact Puzzles is a company based in Seattle that specializes in works of art that are then made into a high quality wooden puzzle that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Wooden Puzzles For Kids

I love all the wooden puzzles for kids that Artifact Puzzles carry but they also have several for adults as well.  For Henry, he has a gift for puzzles whereas he can dump out the pieces, look at them for a minute and put it together within minutes.  What I love about the puzzles from Artifact Puzzles is that the pieces are cut well and they are smaller and unusual.  With those two together, it makes it a bit more challenging to put the puzzle together.  I tried to put the Justin Hillgrove Creature Ladder Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle ($45.00) we received together, and I could not do it!!  What I love about this puzzle is the whimsy of the artwork as well as the shapes the puzzle is cut into.  I mean an octopus?  Yeah!!  If you are looking for a really nice gift that will last for years to come, you may find just the right gift at artifact Puzzles.  You can purchase your puzzles directly from Artistic Puzzle’s website.