How To Clean Your Home With Green Products

I am a super neat freak and my husband will lovingly call me anal and OCD about it! I am one of those people who gets on her hands and knees to scrub the floors and cleans my base boards on a regular basis. When my daughter comes up for a visit, you would think the Queen of England were coming. (At least that is what my family will tease me and say!). The one thing I hate about cleaning is the products you typically find at the stores. Both my husband and my son have terrible allergies and they get aggravated with chemicals. I have made my own cleaning products for many years because I found they worked just as well but did not have that toxicity as store bought products. When I found Murchison-Hume sold high quality cleaning products that were also environmentally friendly, I wanted to try them out!


Clean Your Home With Green Products

I am also a proponent of living an eco-friendly life and protecting the planet. My family and I do as much as we can to contribute to saving our planet. By being able to clean your home with green products when you have allergies as well, that is like a one-two punch! I appreciate that Murchison-Hume does not sell just one generic product that is said to clean every surface in every room of your home. I think you need specific product for specific needs and they provide several products for the different cleaning needs you may have.

I was sent The Classic Six box of products which come in a handsome Bamboo Cleaning Caddy and they include:

  1. Boys’ Bathroom Cleaner: This is one of my top favorite products! With 2 guys in the house, this is a must have product for me. I love the fresh smell and how incredibly clean and fresh the toilet and surrounding surfaces are. I feel good about using this product in my bathroom and know I am germ free in that bacteria laden area.
  2. Premium Glass Polish: This ammonia free cleaner gives you spotless glass surfaces without the strong chemical smell from traditional glass cleaners. Not only does it give you a streak free look, but it also repels dust from settling on them as well.
  3. Stainless Steel Cleaner:This grease free cleaner gets rid of those streaks and fingerprints without leaving that gross residue other products can leave. You get a streak free and shiny clean surface that is safe for your kitchen or other areas where stainless steel is found as well as a protectant from oxidation.
  4. Everyday Furniture Spritzer: This product is amazing and is not just for your wooden surfaces. You can use this on lacquer, plastic and upholstery as well. It is made to clean not only dust and dirt, but pet dander as well. This is great for us as we do have 2 cats who use the furniture as their private playground!
  5. Counter Safe All-Surface Cleaner:This product has a lovely fresh scent and leaves your counters as clean as they are germ free. Because there are no harsh chemicals, you can use this product safely on your food prep areas without worry.
  6. Effortless Floor Splash: Because my back door leads right into the kitchen, my floors can get dirty pretty quickly. As this is our main entrance and the kids are in and out a lot, especially in the summer, my floors get cleaned all the time. This product smells really nice and it gets my floors really clean. Because I am such a neat freak, knowing this product combined with the Boy’s Bathroom Cleaner gets my bathroom super clean, I can sleep better at night (lol).

I know it may sound silly, but I love that the packaging for the Murchison products are so pretty! I have such little storage space and with the attractive Bamboo Caddy, I can leave them out in the kitchen and they do not look out of place. They look like a decorative accessory and this makes them easy to just grab and use when I need them. The products are made to be the safest and most effective cleaning products you can buy and are made with cutting edge technology. The technology is called Colloidal Technology, which is the same cleaning process used to clean the ocean in the event of an oil spill. Shoot, bearing that in mind, I know I can trust them to clean my little oil spills in my home! If you want a safe line of cleaning products that will enable you to live the green life at the same time, those from Murchison-Hume are just perfect. You can purchase the products from their website individually for $7, and refill are available as well. The 6-piece set I was sent retails for $65.o0.

One USA reader will win one Classic Six box of products ($65.00)


  1. I would use all of these. I make my own laundry soap so I appreciate this product line. I liked to try the floor scrub.

  2. This set sounds amazing: Australian White Grapefruit Classic Six Boxed Set.
    Grapefruit scent is so clean smelling and I’d love to try this.

  3. I know that one of the most important and easiest ways that we can all stay healthy is to follow mom’s admonishment: Wash Your Hands.
    With this in mind I select the liquid hand soap. I love the idea of a scent made from wheat protein, rose hips, and chamomile. The packaging reminds me of what the shelves of an old apothecary shop would look like. Clean, simple and straightforward.

  4. I have never tried any on the products, but would love to try them. I am very interested in green products.

  5. I’d love the Classic Six Boxed Set so I could try a little of everything. If I had to choose though, I’d opt to try the bathroom cleaner.

  6. I’d love to try the Spit & Polish Steel Cleaner. I have so many little fingerprints over various S/S surfaces in the kitchen.

  7. my favorite product would be the effortless floor splash. the floors are always dirty with a 1 yr old walking around dropping stuff and throwing his food each meal.

  8. I love these products. I was given the BOYS bathroom cleaner by a friend and love it, I use it to clean up after my “fiance’ ” when he makes his messes. lol. I would love to get more products too. but since this is the only product I have tried.. I suppose it is my favorite.

  9. If I had to choose one, it would be the Premium Glass Polish. I really like the Classic Six Boxed Set because it allows you to try them all. Thank you for great giveaway.

  10. I would love to try the Boys’ Bathroom Cleaner. Having 2 boys in the house, the bathroom sure gets dirty.

  11. The everyday furniture spritzer looks interesting! I would love to try all of these products. How wonderful.

  12. I’d love to have the Boys Bathroom Cleaner. I can’t believe how gross our bathrooms become from a grown man and a 9 year old girl. I hate cleaning them.

  13. I’m most interested in the furniture sprinter due to a beagle who is very at home on our furniture, and the all purpose cleaner. I could really use that in my in-home daycare 🙂

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