The-Emerald-Ring-blog-touremerald-ring-cover-finalThe Emerald Ring is an addictive fantasy adventure perfect for middle school on up. I read this adorable book and thought of my 9-year-old niece. I just know that she would identify with the strong female heroine who has a knack for getting into trouble! I brought the book with me while sunning on a cruise and by the time I was half-way through I was regretting that the second novel wasn’t finished. I was curious as to what would happen in the next chapter of Sara’s life.

Twelve year old Sara Guadalupe Bogus spends the last few days of summer anticipating middle school and helping her Grandma Dora around the house. Her ordinary life turns upside down when she discovers an emerald ring once belonging to Cleopatra. Touching the ring sends a lightening like zap through her system, while putting the ring upon her finger causes it to stick like glue.

Now strange things are happening to Sara. She has troubling visions, can understand animals and learns to transform herself into an Egyptian cat. However, the worst thing is the strange man that shows up in town. He is hunting for the emerald ring, and will not stop until he acquires it. With the ring stuck on her finger, Sara has no choice. She can be hunted, or become the hunter.

AAIMG_7290ret4x6bwsmallI had the opportunity to do an email interview with the Author Dorine White. I just love her last answer. We are kindred spirits!

When did you know you wanted to become a writer?
I have always loved to write. As a kid I filled up spiral notebooks with stories. In high school I was the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper. But, then I went to college and life got really busy with kids. I seriously began writing again about 10 years ago.
How long did it take you to write the Emerald Ring?
It took me 3 months to write the first draft. Then I worked on rewrites for two years.
Who is your favorite character in the Emerald Ring and why?
My favorite character is Sara, my main hero. She is a mixture of several people I know, plus she represents the Guatemalan side of my extended family. I love her yearning for adventure and her bravery at fighting the bad guys.
Do you have any new book ideas you are currently working on?
I am working on book 3 in the Cleopatra’s Legacy series, The Diamond Looking Glass. It takes place in Paris and involves a magic mirror.
What is your favorite food?
Lobster! But I only get it on special occasions.
What do you have on your feet right now?
Nothing- I am a barefoot kinda girl 🙂


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