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Clothes That Tell A Story

Did you know we wear clothes that tell a story?  Each item we choose to wear at any given time, tells those around us something about us.  If you choose a fedora hat over a spirit hood, you are projecting to others you are more on the serious side rather than the silly side.  If you wear a t-shirt that had a particular graphic or slogan, you are telling those nearby about what you like or feel based on what the shirt says.  If you have a favorite tee that says “Take A Hike” with a picture of a person hiking in the woods, it would probably be a safe bet you are one who enjoys walking in the outdoors.  I did some research on how our clothes tell a story and I found some fascinating facts I wanted to share with you.

Clothes That Tell A Story

  •  Emotion: You can look back in history and see that certain pieces of clothing have evoked strong emotions.  For instance, if you see a picture of a member of the Ku Klux Klan or a German uniform, an array of emotions including anger, fear, sadness, outrage and many other feelings.  When we see a ballerina in a beautiful costume we may feel joy and awe while a clown in their costume will make us smile and laugh.
  • Memories: What we wear or what we see others wearing can bring up memories, both fond and not so fond. My kids were going through their memory boxes recently and Henry pulled out the shirt I had made for his 3rd birthday with his name and Spiderman on the front.  The moment I saw the shirt, I was catapulted back to that day 8 years ago and it was like it was yesterday.
  • Connectivity:  We may see a piece of clothing that connects us to a person, place or thing.  When you see your favorite team jersey being worn by someone passing by, you instinctively feel a connection with that person.  When I see someone in a soccer uniform, I immediately feel a bond with them as I love the sport so much.
  • Stories: Sometimes our clothing actually does tell a story.  If you were to see Caitlin’s girl scout vest, it tells a story of her journey via her badges.  With the company Lately, Lily, you can actually follow the journey of Lily through the artwork on each of her shirts.  Lately, Lily is the creation of two lovers of children’s books like Madeline, Curious George and Lyle the Crocodile (which is a favorite of my kids).  The illustrations on the Lately, Lily shirts tell the adventurers of a small girl with an appetite for adventure.

Cute Clothes For Little Girls

If you are looking for cute clothes for little girls that are unique, Lately, Lily is a great place to look.  Like me, Micah and Erin loved the characters and stories from the books of their childhoods as well as the characters in those books.  Take Madeline for instance.  That adorable little girl has had a lot of adventures along with her friends over in France.  Micah and Erin created a line of apparel that tells a story with the artwork in their shirts rather than writing them down in a book.  By wearing the shirts from Lately, Lily you are literally wrapped up in the richly interesting and entertaining stories told with the shirts.  I was sent two shirts: Lily ($28.00) and Just Start ($28.00).  With the Lily shirt, we learn that Lily the traveling girl and her trusty sunshine yellow suitcase and her stuffed zebra named Zeborah are readying themselves for a new place to explore.  With Just Start, we are encouraged to explore by walking, riding a bike or any method you choose, as long as you “just start”.  These are the softest and most adorable shirts for your little girl.  They are as comfortable as they are unusual and they will get a lot of compliments. If you are looking for something a bit off the beaten path, Lately, Lily is a great place to visit!  To keep up to date with whats happening at Lately, Lily, you can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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