cobyI can’t do normal ear buds.  Like the ones that came with my iPod, they just don’t stay in my ear.  I’ve spent countless dollars on different headphones trying to find ones that are comfortable, and to be honest, I had started to feel a little high maintenance when it came to my mp3 accessories!  There are so many different choices for headphones, and you can spend anywhere from a few dollars into the hundreds (or probably more, but I didn’t bother looking at any that expensive).  Plus, headphones have gotten cool, so of course I want to be the cool mom wearing cool headphones (even though I don’t even wear them in public very often).

I was sick of spending an arm and a leg on headphones I didn’t end up liking that are now sitting in the bottom of a drawer in one big tangled ball.  I finally found COBY Attitudz Stereo Earphones.  They’re similar to ear buds, but they have the gummy-like part around the part that goes into your ear, so it fits snugly and almost forms to the shape of your ear.  Since it fits so securely in place, you get pure digital audio with killer deep bass.  Plus, it comes in 8 different colors with cool names like flirty (pink), diva (red), stormy (black), moody (blue), charming (orange), mysterious (purple), daring (grey) and envy (green).

Now, I know you’re thinking the same thing I am.  If I buy myself cool earphones, my kids are just going to steal them, so why bother?  I’ll tell you why – the price.  At just around $6.00 per pair, you won’t even care if they steal them!  In fact, just nip it in the bud and pick them up a pair when you get yourself yours!  Also, we’ve had the problem of losing ear buds at our house, and COBY’s are so reasonably priced that you won’t have to break the bank when your not-so-careful teen accidentally loses them or loans them to a friend.  Buy yours today so you can start listening to your music in comfort and quality! Stay tuned to win a pair for the mothers day gift ideas event May 1 -18.