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Refreshing Drinks For Summer

When summer hits, my family is ready to get outside! After shaking off the chilly weather of the previous season, we are all ready for fun summer activities. We have a backyard we enjoy hanging out in. The boys have their outdoor toys and my husband and I enjoy our outdoor area we have built. When the evening comes, we enjoy grilling out and having out dinner on the patio. With the beach and several gorgeous parks nearby, we visit both often during the hot summer months. The boys love to play on the playground and splashing in the water. No matter where we go during these hot dog days of summer, we are drinking often to stay hydrated. There are many refreshing drinks for summer from the Coca Cola products we enjoy, including Dasani® water and Powerade® sports drinks.

Refreshing Drinks For Summer

When it is really hot outside, it is extremely important that you stay hydrated. If you do not give your body enough fluids to replace those lost by perspiration, you can get very ill. Did you know that Coke® offers a line of healthy and refreshing drinks for summer? Even better, did you know that you can buy all of these delicious drinks at unbeatable prices from Sam’s Club? I love the convenience and affordable products offered at Sam's Club and one of our favorite brands is Coke®. Although Coke® may be best known for its original soda that is one of the most popular in the world, but they have many other drinks as well.


While you are at Sam's Club stocking up on your essentials, be sure to head to the drink section. You can stock up on such Coke® products as NOS®, Dasani®, Powerade®, Fuze® and Vitamin Water®. What I love about Coke® is that they offer you so many choices among their drinks. If you want water, you have Dasani® with such delicious flavors as lemon, strawberry, grape and raspberry. You can choose from 14 flavors of Vitamin Water® like the Essential Orange-Orange or the Streawberry-Guanabana of  Glow. And those are just 2 of the many Coke® products you can find at your local Sam's Club. So, when you think of drinks for your family to drink this summer, remember these 2 equations: hydration+refreshing= Coke® and unbeatable prices=Sam's Club!

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  1. Sometimes Diet Coke is all that gets me through the day! Coke has been a part of my life since I can remember. I didn’t know FUZE was part of the Coke family, too. I’ll look for Coke product deals next time we shop at Sam’s Club.

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