Fisherman's Wharf
My family absolutely loves the summer months and all the fun that comes with it. This year we have had some amazingly gorgeous weather that we have been able to enjoy some of our favorite outdoor activities. We have a nature center that is about a mile from our home and we visit there several times during the summer.  In addition to the flower gardens and woods for hiking, there is a huge pond that is filled with so many water flowers and critters for the kids to see. Last year Caitlin wanted to get a closer look at a frog and she fell right in!


While I was in San Francisco a few months ago, I was able to visit Fisherman’s Wharf, which has so many interesting things to see. The water is gorgeous and the boats were just incredible. When we are at home, one of our favorite treats is to make our “low calorie” Coca-Cola Float with Diet Coke and Frozen Yogurt. If you have not tried it, you really should, especially if you are counting calories!  What are some of your favorite summertime fun in the sun and water activities? Coca-Cola is Open For Summer and they would love to know!
Summer Fun In The Sun And Water

Summer Fun In The Sun And Water

My family have ALWAYS been Coca-Cola lovers and with their vast range of products, there is something for everyone. I have been drinking Diet Coke for more than 25 years and my husband has been drinking Sprite for just as long. When we are out at the lake, camping or hiking in the woods, we always pack a few bottles of Powerade for the kids so I know they are hydrated well. So, what summer fun in the sun and water activities are you enjoying this summer? Do you love to go camping or play volleyball on the beach? Perhaps you prefer to head to the local stadium and take in a baseball game or ride the roller coaster at the nearest amusement park?


Coke Screen Shot

The folks over at Coca-Cola would love to see how you are enjoying your summer with your favorite Coke products. Gather up the family and snap a picture of them enjoying their favorite activity. Next head over to Instagram and be sure to include the hashtag #bestsummermoments. Do you love drinking your favorite refreshing drink from Coke and also like to win fabulous prizes? Every time you open a Coke product, you can earn rewards. You can visit the Coke Rewards page for the rules and regulations and see all the cool prizes you can win.

To celebrate that Coke is Open For Summer, Coca-Cola is offering one very cool summer prize pack valued at $100 to one USA Makobi Scribe reader. Your prize pack will include:

  • A beach tote
  • Coca-Cola Wave Towel
  • A sports bottle
  • Coca-Cola t-shirts
  • A picnic blanket
  • Coca-Cola baseball cap
  • Sunglasses


  1. My my favorite product is Diet Coke made with Splenda!It is not shown on the site…It shows the silver can. Diet Coke made with Splenda has a sunny yellow stripe on them!
    It’s the only Soda I drink now that I am diabetic!

  2. I like regular coke the best. The funny thing is Coca Cola is the reason why I started to have a great love for polar bears.

  3. My daughter likes Coke and I like Diet Sprite. I live about 40 minutes from San Francisco and it’s a beautiful place to visit. Taking the ferry is nice then you can see everything. This is a great prize pack! Thank you 🙂

  4. DIET COKE! but i’m on a detox for the month — but at the end of the month I get a to buy something nice for myself! haha

  5. I love just good old classic Coca Cola! Although my husband has been drinking a lot of Honest Tea, and all of them I’ve tried were good.

  6. I’m a child of the 60’s, my aunt got me hooked on Fresca (original only–none of those new fangled
    flavors for me). Give me that artifical flavor of grapefruit–out of a can, it has a fresher taste than the bottle.

  7. I cannot drink coke because I am diabetic but my husband loves a good glass of cold coke. My fave drink is a glass of iced water with a squeeze of lemon. 🙂

  8. I have been drinking good old regular Coke for years now. They almost lost me a few years ago in the 80’s when they tried changing the formula, oh NO! Glad to say I’m drinking one right now.

  9. My favorite product is Coke Zero because it tastes like Coke,has no aftertaste ,and has no calories.

  10. My family and I have been drinking Diet Coke for years! That would have to be our favorite coke product by far 🙂

  11. I am a coke junkie!!! It’s my treat when I have a bad day! We don’t normally drink soda, so it’s super great when I get one!

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