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I have a teenager in my house who will be driving soon. I honestly am not sure what I am more scared of; teaching her or the first time I will be letting her out on her own. This is one of those times in a parents life that you realize how important your role as a parent is. Teen drivers account for one of the top statics for car accidents and deaths in the country. If we are going to lower those numbers, we must take action. If we as parents are not going to make sure our teens learn to drive safely and follow those rules of the road, who will? Yes, we have driver’s education in school, which Caitlin will take, but we must follow through at home. In order to make this a family and community wide commitment, State Farm has started a fantastic program called Celebrate My Drive to help parents, teens, teachers and communities to get in the driver’s seat of teaching our kids to drive safely.


Commit To Safe Driving At

State Farm wanted to encourage teens to drive safely, so in 2010, they started the Celebrate My Drive® program. This brilliant program gives families and communities the opportunity to help young drivers make safe driving choices.  We must change the fact that car accidents is the number one cause of death for teens in the US. By teaching teens important things like driving without passengers can cut down on distractions, we can help them be safer drivers. By working together as a unified team, we can make a change in the effort to get our teens to have better driving habits. In doing this, we will accomplish the most important part of this effort: we will save the lives of our children. To learn more about the Celebrate My Drive® program, you can watch the informative video provided on their website.

In communities across the country, high schools are getting behind their teen drivers. they are getting the people in their area to commit to safe driving at By participating in the Celebrate My Drive® program, the schools have a chance to earn 1 of 10 $100,000 or 1 of 90 $25,000 grants. The higher the number of drivers, both teens and adults, who commit to safe driving, the greater the chances of winning. Also, 2 schools can earn the chance to have Kelly Clarkson put on a concert in appreciation for their efforts in this campaign.

All you need to do is head over to the Celebrate My Drive® program Facebook page and pledge to drive safe every day. I did it and it took 5 seconds to complete the form. By sharing your commitment on your Facebook page as well as with friends, family, school administrators and anyone else you can think of, you are making a difference. So what are you waiting for? Join Kelly Clarkson and commit to safe driving today and each day through the 26th.