How To Start A Container Vegetable Garden

The kids and I have been looking for fun things to do together this summer. We have all agreed we are tired of the same old things like going to the pool or the park all day. We wanted to do something different as a family which we could enjoy throughout the summer. After some research and debate, we decided to grow a container garden. We have been buying organic from the farmer’s market as we are striving to eat healthy foods. Instead of buying our herbs, vegetables and fruits, we decided we wanted to grow them instead! If you have always wanted to start a container vegetable garden but were not sure how, here are the easy peasy steps to growing your own food!

Starting A Vegetable Container Garden

Starting A Vegetable Container Garden

  1. Gather Your Products: Before starting your container vegetable garden, you need all your supplies. You need a container to plant in, small pebbles, soil, gardening tools, a watering can, and seeds.gathering products
  2. Container: When you are choosing your container, be sure to choose one with holes for drainage, is sturdy and can be easily moved. I chose the Harvest Grow Bags from Homegrown Gourmet because they are perfect for my container garden These flexible fabric bags have pre cut holes, are easy to move around and will stand up to the elements.container
  3. Pebbles: The first layer you need to start in your container are your pebbles. This 1″ layer will secure you have proper drainage for your garden.pebbles
  4. Soil: You need to choose a good potting spoil which is filled with nutrients to make your garden grow. You will want to completely cover your pebbles and have enough depth to cover your pods or seeds. In my container, I put in about 4″ of soil because my pods were larger than normal.soil
  5. Pods or Seeds: Now you will want to plant your pods or seeds. I prefer to use pods from Miracle Gro because they are already prepared and all I need to do is place them in the soil and cover them. You can find these in the garden department or online, but using regular seeds is fine as well.pods
  6. Labels: To remember what you planted and where, you should label your garden. I just use wooden craft sticks from the kids arts and crafts box and wrote the names with a sharpie marker so it will not run in the rain.label
  7. Water: Be sure to water your container garden well the first time you plant and then each day after. I water just enough to wet to soil but not to soak it. This is also the chore the kids fight over because it is easy to do and they know it is an important part of the gardening process.water
  8. Wait: The hardest part of planting a garden is waiting for it to sprout! Once it does, it gets really exciting because you can see the “fruits” of your labor. The kids jumped up and down when they saw the first sprouts, which were the bush beans and the sweet peppers came shortly thereafter.sprouts

I absolutely love the fabric Harvest Grow Bags from HomeGrown Gourmet, from Architec Products. I first fell in love with the Architec products in my review of their Holdbowl™ Mixing Bowl and Gripper™ Cutting Board, “Top Gifts For The Chef On Your List“. The Grow Bags come in several sizes including the All Purpose which sells for $15 or the larger Herbs and Greens bag, which sells for $15 as well. You can also purchase bags and seeds for tomatoes, root vegetables, an apron and the seed starter kit. I planted my beans, peppers, and a few of my herbs in the All Purpose bag while I planted my greens and herbs in the larger bag. They are so easy to lift and move if need be and they incredibly strong materials are perfect for the harsh sun and temperamental rain we have here in the south. The bags are made of a thick, heavy and breathable weave, designed to stimulate growth for specific types of produce.

I was also sent the Strawberry Patch Tower with Saucer, which sells for $50. This clever stackable design allows you to plant up to 28 strawberry plants which will then grow vertically. The kit also comes with a saucer if you choose to grow them indoors. My strawberries have not started to sprout yet as I was delayed in planting them. They are so popular, all of our local garden shops were out and I had to order them online. We are hoping to see some sprouts here in the next 10-14 days.

strawberry tower

I was so happy to discover HomeGrown Gourmet Products™ has begun an initiative to give back to communities. A portion of the profits from all sales will go to local communities called Project Restore a Wholesome Future™. The goal is to bring community organizations together to grow nutritious gardens which will support neighborhood families. One USA reader will win an All Purpose Grow Bag and Harvest Seed Starter Kit ARV $35.

Do you have a garden, and if so, what do you grow in it?


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