Cooking With Molecular Gastronomy

Cooking With Molecular Gastronomy

If you are a fan of the television show Top Chef, you are probably familiar with cooking with molecular gastronomy.  If you have not seen an episode in which molecular gastronomy was used, I will try to explain it.  In a few words, molecular gastronomy is mixing cooking techniques with science.  In the 1980’s, a physical chemist, Herve This was making a soufflé and wondered what would happen if he didn’t follow its strict directions.  Herve partnered with Nicholas Kurti, a professor of physics at Oxford University and they began experimenting with different techniques.  The two discovered you could mix natural texturing agents with different foods and the results were amazing.  They found they could have unheard of results like making broccoli foam or a cube of a light and airy egg.  Once the two began demonstrating the techniques they discovered, slowly, people began to experiment with their own recipes.  Now, more than 15 years later, molecular gastronomy has becoming more mainstream.

Molecule-R is the coolest company on the planet!!  This forward thinking company has brought molecular techniques to food as well as cocktails.  Molecule-R has put together several items into a kit that will get even the most novices of cooks on the road to becoming a molecular gastronomist!!  With the food kit, you will learn to make balsamic vinegar pearls or chocolate spaghetti!  With the cocktail, you could learn to make mojito bubbles or martini bites!  Just think of how much fun you would have experimenting with the different substances and your favorite foods.  Wouldn’t be funny to have friends over for dinner and they are handed a glass filled with a delicious margarita with lime foam on top!  Can you imagine their faces?  If you are a molecular fan, go ahead and like Molecule-R on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Unusual Cocktail Recipes

If you entertain a lot, you may be looking into unusual cocktail recipes for your parties.  With the cocktail kit from Molecule-R, you have a bunch of cool substances to mix with your favorite drinks.  I have been watching Top Chef for a long time now, and I love watching the episodes with the molecular gastronomy.  These chefs have created so many unusual combinations and I wondered how they did it!  With the kits from Molecule-R, you have all you need to impress your family and friends.  The food kit ($58.95) includes five pre-measured food additives, five specialized molecular tools as well as a 50-recipe DVD.  The cocktail kit ($58.95) includes five pre-measured food additives, three specialized molecular tools as well as a 30-recipe DVD.  Caitlin is my little cook, so I knew she would be all over trying out a recipe from the food kit.  We decided to try to make watermelon foam.  I will tell you that it is imperative that you measure correctly when trying recipes or it won’t work.  You use soy lecithin to turn your food of choice into foam and if you don’t use the correct amount, you will know it!  We didn’t measure the lecithin correctly and as warned, there was an aftertaste for using too much.  It took a few tries to get pretty decent foam and it was pretty cool.  I am saving the cocktail kit for my oldest daughter to use for her house warming party.

One reader will win their choice of the food or cocktail kit from Molecule-R ($58.95).

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