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Cooking With Your Family From Americraft Cookware Sweepstakes

Cooking With Your Family

I think one of the best ways to bond with your family is by cooking with them.  One of my fondest memories from my childhood was sitting in our breakfast nook watching my mom cook.  Mom wasn’t big on letting my siblings and I cook with her but with 6 of us underfoot, I can see why!  What is that saying about too many cooks in the kitchen?!  With my kids, I am the complete opposite from my mom.  I love having the kids in the kitchen helping me cook, bake or just making sandwiches.  I think there is a wealth of teaching and character building opportunities when you interact with your kids while working in the kitchen.  We have been working on fractions with Henry, so helping me bake is a wonderful way to help him learn.  The one must have foundation you need for a successful family meal is good cookware.

Americraft is American owned and operated, with their products being manufactured in West Bend, Wisconsin. They hire local artisans who have been providing Americraft and their customer’s quality workmanship for generations.  Americraft is an industry giant as well as innovator in the cookware arena.  Their latest line, 360 Cookware is a unique collection unlike anyone has ever seen.  Americraft uses their patented Vapor Technology which heats your food more rapidly at lower temperatures.  This energy efficient line of products does not need added fat or water to make mouthwatering and healthy food for your family!

Save Energy While Cooking

If my family can cut even small corners, like trying to save energy while cooking, we do it.  We have been in need of some good cookware for quite a while now, so I have been looking.  What wonderful timing for me when Americraft offered one of their sauce pans from the 360 Cookware line for me to review.  We were given the 3 quart sauce pan with lid ($149.95) and boy-oh-boy is it gorgeous!  I have never owned anything so nice in my whole life!  This sauce pan is the perfect size for so many family meals the possibilities are endless.  We started out simple with chicken stir fry and I could not believe how evenly the chicken and veggies cooked.  As suggested, we used very little oil in the pan (just a small bit of sesame oil)  and other than the stir fry sauce we used no butter, heavy oils or any other added unhealthy ingredients.  I absolutely LOVE this cookware and when my daughter gets married later this year, I know exactly what she is getting from her mama!

One lucky, lucky winner will receive a one quart sauce pan with lid (retailing at $89.95)

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