Cookware Inspired By Chefs

Cookware Inspired By Chefs

Have you noticed lately there is a lot of cookware inspired by chefs?  I guess with the increase in popularity of all the cooking shows around, it was bound to happen!  Up until a year or so ago, I didn’t know the names of any chefs other than Emeril Lagasse and Rachel Ray. Now I am huge fan of shows like Top Chef and The Next Iron Chef, both of which have guest chefs to judge the contestants.  Now I am a fan of many of the chefs on these shows, especially Michelle Bernstein, an acclaimed chef from Miami.  Bernstein has won the coveted James Beard Award for Best Chef South 2007 and has written a popular cookbook on Latin cuisine.  I figure a chef as popular as Michelle Bernstein should know a thing or two about cookware, so it seems a logical step to create a line of cookware.

Fagor is a company based in Spain and is the fifth largest appliance manufacturer in Europe. Fagor can be found in more than 15 countries and has 16 manufacturing plants in 6 countries.  Fagor has been a world leader since 1992 and was largely responsible for making pressure cookers popular again!  The Fagor brand brings cutting edge technology and modern design together and the result is a popular line of appliances for your home needs.  Fagor is known for their appliances but they also bring great cookware into the mix, making your cooking experience exciting and fun instead of bland and boring!  Just think, Fagor can provide you with the stove to cook your food, the cookware to cook it in and the dishwasher to clean your dishes in!  How fun is that?!
Forged Aluminum Cookware

Forged Aluminum Cookware

I was given a great opportunity to review the new line of forged aluminum cookware from Fagor which was designed and endorsed by Michelle Bernstein.  The 10 piece set, which comes in red, lime, black or blue, includes:

  • 5qt Dutch Oven with Lid
  • 11” (4qt) Saute Pan with Lid
  • 9.5” Open Skillet
  • 8” Open Skillet
  • 1.5qt Sauce Pan with Lid
  • 3qt Sauce Pan with Lid

The cookware is made from forged aluminum which is resistant to scratches, abrasions and wear.  On the inside is the Whitford Interior non-stick coating which will not burn, peel or blister and makes it easy to clean.  With its scratch resistant finish, you can use metal utensils without worrying you will ruin the finish.  The handles are silicone which keeps them cool to the touch, so you don’t need to worry about burning yourself.  My old cookware did not have the silicone on the handles and I would not dare pick up a pan without my oven mitts.

Forged Aluminum CookwareI really love how easy this cookware is to use!  The minute we opened the box we were struck by the bright red color of the set and the matching glass lids for all the pots and pans.  I haven’t had lids for all my cookware pieces in 10 years!!  Since the cookware arrived late morning, we jumped right in and decided to make brunch!  The kids helped me make eggs, but since Henry will only eat egg whites and Caitlin likes her eggs scrambled, we used the two pans.  My old cookware took forever to heat up, but this new Fagor cookware heated up within just a few minutes.  As you can see from the picture, Henry was able to transfer the eggs from the pan to the plate without using any utensils!  Those eggs slid right out!  My favorite thing about this Michelle Bernstein cookware is how darn easy it is to clean!  Although they are dishwasher safe, you will not need to because they wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge.  I could not believe my eyes!  The irony of it all is now the kids like to help clean up the kitchen because they think it is so cool that it is so easy to clean!!  I absolutely love this new cookware from Fagor America and Michelle Bernstein.  The cookware also came with several recipe cards with dishes from Michelle’s Miami restaurant, so you will have fun re-creating these delicious dishes for your family!

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