Cool Gadgets To Make Life Easier

Let’s face it; being a mom is not always easy or fun. This is a job with long hours, very little pay and lots of work! We are part superhero, cook, nurse, financial manager, chef, taxi driver, entertainer and police officer. If we can find products to make our lives easier, we are typically pretty interested! For me, I have had the worst luck this past year with multiple injuries, hospital stays and surgery. Because of all of these mishaps, I have had a hard time doing the simplest things like using the phone, cleaning the house, doing laundry and driving. Here is a list of gadgets which would have made things a lot easier for me!

4 Gadgets To Make Mom's Life Easier Pin

4 Gadgets To Make Mom’s Life Easier

  1. Robotic Vacuum: What I would have given to have this little beauty when I had my shoulder surgery! Pushing a vacuum was virtually impossible, but this would have kept my house clean. This small automatic vacuum goes under furniture, avoid stairs and can be programmed to work whenever you like.
  2. Electric Label Printer: I label everything! I use labels for mailing letters and cards and to keep the house organized. This is the perfect device for crafty mom’s like me!
  3. Digital Picture Frame: I love this idea because I love pictures and most are digital. I have so many picture files on my computer which need to be put in a frame like this so everyone can enjoy them.
  4. Smartphone Accessories: When I had my shoulder surgery, it was so painful to talk on the phone. I tilt my neck and talk on the phone while I am doing other things. After my surgery, this was difficult to do with my smartphone. With the cool smartphone accessories from Swissvoice, talking on the phone is easier and fun!

I first fell in love with the products from swissvoice when I wrote the review, “Why You Need A Retro Phone Handset For Mobile Phones.” I was blown away by the fine craftsmanship and ingenuity of the designs of the swissvoice products. Not only do they make cool gadgets to make life easier, they do it with style, color and panache! They offer a huge selection of phones and accessories which are not your average tech goodies! They seamlessly merged form and function into a beautiful line of products for your home, dorm or office.

I was sent the swissvoice CH01-PK ePure Handset for iPhone with Siri Integration and Home Base in White/Pink, which sells for $30 on Amazon. This product is so cool because it totally elimates that whole “crick in my neck” issue I get from talking on my smartphone. You can make and receive calls with this handset from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. It adds comfort and a higher quality of sound to your calls and all you need is an audio jack connector in your device. The ePure handset also lowers the radiation you body can absorb from using a mobile phone. I was also sent the swissvoice CH05-WH ePure Handset for iPhone with Siri Integration in Green/White, which sells for $20 on Amazon. This is just like the CH01, with just the handset. It has all the bells and whistles of the CH01, you just have more mobility without the base. Be sure to visit Swissvoice on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest products, deals and information. One USA reader will win the CH01 ePure Handset and base ARV $30.

What tech product would make your/your mom’s life easier?


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