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Cool Grilling Gifts for Men This Christmas

You can tell from our well-used grill that we love to cook outdoors on the grill whenever possible. Even during the winter we try to get outside to do our cooking.  There is so much less mess cooking outdoors, plus I swear the food tastes better!  My husband really enjoys all the outdoor grilling accessories that are available now.  They help make it easier to cook a larger variety of foods.  Are you looking to add some tools to your grill?  There are some great tools and accessories available at Man Law.

Cool Grilling Gifts For Men

  • One of the tools Man Law has is a 5-Piece BBQ Premium Wood Handle Tool Set.  Included in this set is a spatula (18.9″), knife (19.2″), silicone brush (17.9″), tongs (19.3″) and a fork (18.9″).  The spatula that comes with this set has a serrated edge, as well as a built-in bottle opener since you never know when that will come in handy.  Every man I know, including my husband enjoys a ice cold beer while he grills. This tool set includes everything you need to have a full-on manly grill out.
  • Another great tool is the Foldable BBQ Brush.  This is the brush you use to clean the grates off.  If you grill a lot they are sure to get pretty gunked up and you will need to clean them often. This brush is 17.7 ” long with a durable rosewood handle.  You will enjoy how it folds for easy storage and even has an easy lock and release mechanism. It stores rather easily if you have a hook on the underside of your grill.
  • Do you enjoy potatoes? Have you tried grilling them? The Potato S. S. Rack is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.  It has piercing stainless steel blades that provide more evenly cooked potatoes.  You can cook for a family of four because it hold four potatoes at a time to grill to perfection.
  • Now that you have cooked your meal on the grill, you will need a stylish way to slice your meat. This Set of 4 Steak Knifes is just perfect for an easy slice.  The knives are made from heavy gauge stainless steel that is dishwasher safe.

Man Law is based in Rockford, MN creating premium BBQ Tools and Accessories, which have been designed with the everyday man in mind.  The designers of Man Law are men and were created to supply men with quality tools and a sense of humor. Man Law offers a huge variety of grill tools and accessories, all of which make the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays.  The team at Man Law BBQ is so awesome, I know you will want to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. Just look at the MANLAWS they created.

  1. Grilling is ALWAYS the first choice of cooking!
  2. Cutting meat to check for DONENESS is like sawing down a tree to find its age.
  3. A garnish is a bad disguise for not buying enough food.
  4. Two months’ salary is a small price to pay for fireworks.
  5. Vegetarianism is to be encouraged, as it leaves more meat for us Normal people.
  6. The barbeque chef shall be kept hydrated at all times.
  7. The collapse of a lawn chair by someone sitting in it is only funny if it’s someone else.
  8. A proper sear negates any harmful effect of a steak falling on the ground.
  9. The cheaper the beer, the more loudly you should say how cold it is.
  10. Flare-ups will be handled calmly and discreetly until such time as flames spread to a national park.
  11. Due to the delicate balance and concentration required, the user of a hammock should not be disturbed under any circumstances.
  12. The dinosaurs are gone,so it is no longer possible to buy a steak that is too big

Want to see for yourself? You can win a set of steak knives by filling out the GT form below.

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  1. I’m gonna have to say I really like the STEAK GAUGE SERIES WITH GLOW IN THE DARK DIAL. That would come in handy on summer nights

  2. I like the Potato roaster… I have aluminum ones that are ancient, but no one cooks with aluminum any longer, so now they are just hand me down conversation pieces…lol..

  3. My favorite product is the 5-PIECE BBQ PREMIUM WOOD HANDLE TOOL SET!!! My man would love getting this for Christmas!

  4. I just love the Giant Grill Brush, very cool how there are extra Brussels on the side, would make it so much easier to keep it cleaner.

  5. So much to choose from: The Cast Iron Grilling Pot and the corn BBQ basket are my top choices. I have a family of grillers!!! My husband and sons are my Grill Masters!!!!!!!!!!


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