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Cool Off This Summer From West Bend Review

Cool Off This Summer

As hot as it is already, we can all use ideas to cool off this summer.  With record temperatures breaking 100, it is too hot to do much of anything, at least outside.  The ids have some toys they can play with outside, but even with a sprinkler or pool, it is almost too hot even for that.  Since we have been staying inside, I have been racking my brains for ideas to keep the kids occupied this summer.  I have started answering the “I’m Bored” with a few quips I’d like to share.  If your kids say they are bored, you can say, “Clean your room”, “Read a book”, “Take out the garbage”, etc.  It is hysterical to see how un-bored they become when I suggest any of those ideas!  With the kids getting older, I can’t keep them busy with water guns and coloring books, so I needed to get creative.

West Bend Electric has been around for more than 100 years and has become one of the most trusted companies in the consumer small electric appliance industry.  The company gets its name from where the company started in 1911: West Bend, WI.  The West Bend company went from a 7 person operation to the world-wide leader they are now.  With the West Bend name, you can trust that whatever the product, you can expect the highest quality, customer service and prices of any of their competitors.  Whether you are making homemade pizza or bread or making a delicious smoothie, you can count on West Bend to provide the most innovative products to fit your needs.

Ideas To Help Kids Make Money

If you want ideas to help kids make money, look around your kitchen for inspiration.  Remember the days of lemonade stands when you were a child?  Well, things cannot be exactly like it was when we were children, but it is fun for the kids to make a few dollars off your neighbors!  My family was given the West Bend Ice Shaver ($29.00) to review and it could not have come at a better time!  We LOVE snow cones, so this machine was right up our alley.  The Ice Shave comes with 2 ice molds, straw-spoons, 3 bottles of flavored syrup and of course, the snow cone cups.  The machine is so easy to use!  You can use any ice you like, but it is easier to use the molds.  You just put your cup under the opening; turn the machine on and voila! You have a snow cone.  Add your favorite flavor and you are good to go!  We used the machine on father’s day and the kids next door came over for snow cones.  The machine was a huge hit!! Thank you West Bend!!

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