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I do not know about you, but our summer has been beastly hot. I set up a pool, a trampoline and a slack line in the back yard for the kids to play on. It has been so hot that they did not even want to play in the pool. Now that is hot you guys! I am so glad it has cooled off and the kids can now enjoy all the things I set up for them outside. The problem with that is my husband and I cannot enjoy these things with the kids. I was looking for cool outdoor games for the family, and The Murble Game is perfect for us. This easy to learn and highly addictive game is something you can play anywhere, with anyone and for every skill set.

Cool Outdoor Games For The Family

Cool Outdoor Games For The Family

Back in 1979, Murray Kramer was a college student with a neighbor who had a penchant for playing horse shoes. Murray could not beat the expert, but liked the idea of the game and decided to design a game based on the concept of Bocce ball. The Murble (a hybrid of Murray and Marble) is basically a big marble that you play with outside with 2-4 players. You can also purchase a larger set for 6 and 15 players which are perfect for playgrounds and schools. You can create your own color combinations for the balls and the carrying bag from almost 20 color choices. Not only is this in the category of cool outdoor games for the family, but it is great exercise as well.

Because I have a bum shoulder, I was unable to play the Murble Game, but Chris and Henry were more than happy to try it out for me. The game is so simple to play; you just choose your color ball to play with, dump the balls on the ground and whoever has their ball closet to the point ball goes first. Then you step back and take turns trying to get your color ball closest to the point ball. The guys  had such a good time playing the game and as you can see, Henry found another use for the Murble balls. When you are waiting for your turn, you can also juggle 2 of them at a time! The balls, which are made in America,  are virtually indestructible, are waterproof and weatherproof and easily transported, so you can play anywhere. You can play no matter your age of physical ability, so everyone in the family can play and they are perfect for reunions, camping trips, beaches or the park or anywhere else you love to go with your family. The 7 ball set starts at just $39.95, so they are perfect for just about any budget as well. You can purchase your custom set at the Murble Game website, where you will also find the rules, how to play and a video demonstration.

One USA reader will win one custom color 7-piece Murble Game set ($39.95)


  1. I like that Playing Murbles is a great way to acquire exercise. You can burn up hundreds of calories in one spirited game of Murbles and they are American made.

  2. I like it because it seems like a game that easily portable and probably stores easily in the car. sometimes we stop at a park on a whim and it would be fun to have this. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  3. First of all, I LOVE the name, Murbles! I love that they come in a convenient bag so that they’re not rolling all over the place, getting lost, when you’re done playing. AND, that convenient bag would be so easy to transport anywhere we might be going. So I think we’d be taking this with us to every family get together!

  4. I love that it is a simple, new take on an old game I used to love to play. Smaller marbles are too difficult for my youngest son to play with right now, but he could play with these with us.
    Thank you

  5. I love that the balls are weatherproof (we never remember to bring everything inside after parties!) and that there aren’t any difficult instructions to remember (I am usually playing with younger children)! This looks like a great outdoor game! Thanks!

  6. I like how Murble is designed for all skills sets and physical abilities. Sometimes it is so hard to find a family activity that everyone can enjoy when the age ranges and capabilities of family members are so diversified.

  7. It’s a fun game that gets the kids out and moving. My grandchildren would love it …and it’s made in the USA!

  8. I like that its simple to play and even with my disability I can still play! Doesnt happen all that much so ill take advantage where I can

  9. I like that this game allows people to interact with each other and skills levels are about even and that it requires no intensive tough rules to play

  10. I love that it just like playing marbles and that anyone any age can play it. Plus you get outside and play. 🙂

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