Storage For Kids Balls

Ball Storage For Kids

If you have children who play sports you may be looking for ball storage for kids.  My kids have all played soccer and basketball for several years now.  As siblings often do, my kids wanted their own balls for practicing at home, so we fulfilled their request.  The beef I have with all these balls is trying to figure out where to put them when practice is over.  The kids each have a toy bin but once you put a basketball and a soccer ball in there, you have used up half the space.  More often than not, the kids leave their balls all over the house, the porch and the driveway.  I tried getting mesh bags like we used in the school gym, but that didn’t work out very well.  I just resigned myself that I will always be tripping over someone’s soccer ball until I figure out a better system.

There is a completely brilliant and creative product on the market that solves the issue of where to store the kid’s balls.  How about hanging them on the wall?  I know, right?!  How genius is that?  The Ball Claw was created by two guys who met at a garage sale.  John Kurcheski was a toy designer and Kurt Kay was a business owner and entrepreneur.  As they got to talking they realized they had a potentially hot item that would change the way people store their sports balls.   John had been kicking the idea of the Ball Claw around for a while but he never connected with a partner who could get as excited about the idea as he was.  That is until he met Kurt!  These smarty-pants guys put a lot of blood, sweat and tears (from their families who missed them while they worked on their invention).  Finally the Ball Claw was ready to makes its debut.

Organize Kids Toys

I have been looking for ways to organize  kids toys, but I keep coming up short.  I was cleaning Henry’s room recently and he had a football, a soccer ball and 2 basketballs.  They were in his toy bin but with all those balls, he had no room for anything else.  I was tired of finding somewhere to put these balls! When I discovered the Ball Claw (retail$11.99) I could not wait to review one of their holders.  There is a Ball Claw for soccer balls, footballs, basketballs and volleyballs.  The concept is so simple yet so dang smart!  Each Ball Claw comes with its set of mounting anchors and screws and they are really easy to hang.  I reviewed each size and they are AWEsome!  No more tripping over balls, overfilled toy bins or any of that nonsense!

One winner will receive a set of 3 Ball Claws of their choosing (retailing at $35.97)

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