Cool Tech Gifts For Mom

Is your mom one of the really tech savvy ladies who is the first on the block to have the latest tech gadget? Or was she like m mom who fought the idea of technology tooth and nail? We tried in vain for years to get mom to get a cell phone. When we finally talked her into it, we thought we had done her this great service. Come to find out, my always had has phone charged and ready to go…sitting right there on the kitchen counter! If this sounds like your mom, aunt, grandmother or other beloved lady, here are some fun gifts she may find irresistible!
4 Great Valentine's Day Tech Gift Ideas For Mom pin

4 Great Valentine’s Day Tech Gift Ideas For Mom

  1. Bluetooth Car Starter: Does your mom always lose her keys? Mine always did and it would drive me crazy because she was always late. With a Bluetooth remote car starter, she can start her car with her iPhone (here’s hoping she knows where that is right?!)
  2. Kindle: Mom was an avid book reader and as she got older, she was not able to drive herself to the library. With a Kindle and all the free books available, mom was able to read as any books as she could and never leave the house!
  3. Fitness Tracker: Mom was always interested in staying healthy. She was a stickler about getting in her 10,000 steps but she hated the old pedometer. She fell in love with her wireless fitness tracker my sister got her last year.
  4. Digital Photo Keeper: Mom was a huge photography nut and had tons of photo albums all over the house. As photo technology got more digital, she never knew how to store her photos. With the convenient Picture Keeper USB drive, she could store thousands of digital pictures and never lose a treasured memory again.

Picture Keeper

As you can see, finding cool tech gifts for mom was not one of my fortes. One of the reasons for that is I myself is not as technologically forward thinking as I wish I was. I have always been a step or two behind the times, and that includes the way I store my photos. Like most everyone with a laptop, I stored all of my pictures in a folder on my computer. It never occurred to me that I could lose those pictures. That is until one day when my hard drive crashed. At first, I was unfazed as I had an online backup service where all of my photos from the past 3 years were kept. Can you believe my horror when I found the subscription for that service expired and I forgot to renew it? By the time I went to renew the service, it was too late. All of my precious photos were gone forever. Had I only known about the Picture Keeper, I would not have this sick feeling in my stomach as I type this post. It upsets me beyond words to know all those pictures from vacations, birthdays, holidays and everything in between were a just a memory now. With the Picture Keeper, you get a simple way to protect your photos on a custom flash drive.

This is not the cloud or a hard drive, but a safe place to keep all of your digital pictures. With the Picture Keeper, they have specially embedded software on a custom flash drive and makes your pictures available in a variety of capacities as well as several drive sizes. All you do is plug the Picture Keeper into your USB port and click “Start Backup”. Then, any new pictures will be added right where you left off with the last backup. I backed up all of my photos into my Picture Keeper and it took just a short while to complete. You can purchase the Picture Keeper in 4, 8, 16, 32 or Pro, and the prices range from $30 to $200. If you have digital photos, you need a Picture Keeper for yourself because you do not want to be sitting where I am..wising I could see that picture of Henry with cake all over his fave on his 10th birthday! One USA reader will win one PK16, which retails for $100. Stay connected and follow Picture Keeper on Twitter and Pinterest.